Is Inkanyamba real?

Is Inkanyamba real?. The Inkanyamba is a legendary serpent said to be living in a waterfall lake area in the northern

forests near Pietermaritzburg most commonly in the base of Howick Falls, South Africa. The Zulu people of the area

believe it to be a large serpent with an equine head. It is a very tall creature.

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What does Inkanyamba look like?| is Tornado snake? |What lives in Howick Falls?|

Inkanyamba is a legendary cryptid from southern Africa. It lives by waterfalls and is most commonly seen at Howick

Falls in South Africa. This creature resembles a snake, except for the head, which looks like that of a horse.

According to traditional Xhosa beliefs, the tornado takes the form of a giant winged snake, known as inkanyamba.

This being lives in deep water and flies through the air, looking for its mate, which lives in a deep pool or dam.

“There are no physical monsters in the Howick Falls,” she wrote in a local newspaper article. “Giant eels, perhaps,

and even huge otters, if that is your idea of a monster. But we do not need to misinform the public, nor to use their gullibility to attract tourists to Howick,” she said.

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