Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know)

Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know)

Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know). Witchcraft indicates the practice of magical skills and

abilities. In history, this term has been very popular in many countries’ cultures including Africa, Asia, South America,

and other indigenous communities. It’s not surprising when there are many myths and misconceptions revolving around the witchery.

According to some witches, witchcraft has always been misconceived as an evil method used to bring harm to

innocent people. In this modern era, though more individuals are learning about this field, doubts still exist. Free Spell Casting or 

Is witchcraft real?

This is a neutral matter as it doesn’t happen to everyone. However, I do believe if you make use of the magic with pure intentions and in a correct way, then chances for it to come true are high.

Learn more about witchcraft in the following!

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What is The Real Witchcraft?

I bet some of you have read or at least watched Harry Potter before, right?

If yes, then you can understand a part of the witchcraft meaning easily. Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know)

We all think that witchcraft is just the practice of casting spells or performing magic rituals; however, it’s more than that. This concept can refer to traditions, beliefs, and incantation crafts in different cultures across the globe. No one knows exactly the time but witchcraft has appeared in our lives for many centuries.

Back then, the word “witch” or “witchcraft” had no good meaning, and those engaged in practicing magic, whether black magic or white magic, were claimed to work with The Devil and were executed as followers of Satan.

In these modern days, more and more people express their interest in learning the art of crafting magic. They call themselves a Witch with the capital W as a way to differentiate their practices from all false misconceptions in the past.

Reasons why people fear witchcraft

Witchcraft is a magical method that has been practiced across countries and in many cultures for centuries. Those performing witchcraft are categorized into different titles, such as witches, priests, healers, and shamans.

The fear of witchcraft was manifested clearly in Western culture in the 1400s when some witches were persecuted for the first time in Europe.

Despite the variations in practices and customs, many usually think of witchcraft as a means to cause harm to others. Historically, witches were considered members of the evil anti-religion force and were able to conspire with the devil. That’s why they were treated as a dangerous threat to the community.

Actual works of a typical witch

What do witches do?

They’ve always been described as magic makers who can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary wishes. Not having a specific method; in fact, they use various ways to bring changes and influences to an event, from folklore and superstition to natural practice.

However, things seemed to be worse for the ancient pagan religions when Christianity became principal in Europe. Though the practice of making magic still survived, plenty of negative rumors about it gradually appeared in the public. People were convinced that witchcraft was associated with the devil and its power could harm the human brutally.

Over 300 years, hundreds of thousands of witches were executed, tortured, and killed. The victims of those attacks were mainly women unmarried or widowed – as they lived alone, so it was easy to capture them. There were many circumstances they became the targets not because they were witches but because others wanted their assets.

A typical witch used plants as well as folklore traditions to make healing remedies for incurable diseases.

The practice of witchcraft today

Nowadays, witchcraft is commonly practiced in India, Tibet, Brazil, Thailand, and many other countries. Compared to the past, this field is gaining more respect and appreciation. Talking to a spellcaster is no longer a difficulty because they even offer the service online.

Go to Africa and you will find different types of witch consultants, who enable to read your future, cure your sickness, communicate with ancestors for life guidance, and perform magic spells. Or, according to Tibetan Buddhism, a monk often plays as an evil spirit in a ritual dance to eliminate the devil. A session with Sri Lankan shaman will ease your illness and strengthen the energy balance inside your body.

Some of you may not know but Feng Shui, the Chinese ancient magical art, is a witchcraft tool currently popular in the US. Another form of witchery practiced widely there is Wicca, along with other magical beliefs such as astrology, rune reading, and herbalism.Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know)

A Glimpse into Basics of Witchcraft

Not that everyone can practice witchcraft; truthfully, there are some essential skills that you must follow if desiring to become a capable witch and cast effective magic.

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, it’s advisable to learn these foundational skills. Even if you’ve practiced casting for decades, never ignore developing your witchcraft skills on an advanced level.

Here are the things you should focus on:

  • Intention
  • Awareness
  • Visualization
  • Energy manipulation


Intention is very important in a casting session, as you may know.

It’s the ability to pay attention; however, the attention can be positive or negative. When performing a ritual, you must keep a calm mind and not get distracted by any skeptical or doubtful thoughts. Once you’re capable of controlling the flow of your thoughts, then chances for the spell to come true are high.

By focusing on what you desire, you will know how to act with purpose and stay consistent with action. If a spellcaster can concentrate on the real intention of one spell, she can help you solve your problem easily.


Of all the skills a witch needs to master, awareness is the most significant.

Is Witchcraft Real (Essential Things You Need To Know)

More than observing what’s around you, it’s the capacity of spotting the subtle of a situation. Without awareness, you won’t be able to sense the vibration or energy changing within your body or in the surroundings. If you can’t feel those changes, then you can’t tell if troubles are coming for you or if you’re moving on the right track.

Lacking awareness prevents you from sending signals to the universe as well as from communicating with the Gods and Spirit Guides. There will be no spiritual guidance also if you hear nothing from your intuition.

In short, magick or witchcraft can’t work if you have no awareness of your actions.


You’re advised to develop this ability with imagination for a better chance.

Why do we have to visualize during the casting session? Focusing on your desire is good, but it would be better if you could see what you want through your subconscious mind. The inner power we attain deep inside can make it come true to reality.

Picturing your wish is not as simple as you may think, however. It involves all senses and both physical and emotional responses. Don’t be surprised when you find a blind person can visualize well in a magical practice – it’s because they did visualization through their mind’s eye.

Energy manipulation

Well, energy plays a big role in magick works.

Your spell can bring positive energy closer to you or push it away, depending on how you control your energy. Making use of divination tools (runes, candles, crystal ball, etc.) can ease the process, but it’s not functional enough without having a proper mindset.

Energy manipulation is the skill in which you combine both awareness and focus. It’s all about observing what is happening around you and sensing the subtlety on a fundamental level. Spot the key within the subtlety and make a change. This skill can be accomplished well simply by concentrating your mind, not any tools required.

What are Magickal Elements?

magickal elements

Any spiritual or magical practice has a connection to the universe elements; in this article, let’s have a brief look at four main elements of magick:

1. Fire

This fiery element is linked to passion and ecstasy, spirit and strong will, intensity, violence, and to any process of transforming, initiating, or demolishing.

2. Air

The airy element is associated with intellectual and the process of communicating, illuminating, and transferring. In addition, it also indicates exploration or thirst for knowledge.

3. Water

The witchcraft regarding the water element is usually related to emotional things or any process of reflecting, adapting, and flowing. working with this element involves friendship, love, loss and grief, reconciliation, and blissfulness.

4. Earth

This earth element represents physical and tangible subjects as well as all processes about reinforcing, solidifying, and stabilizing. It also has a relation to body healing, job promotion, wealth attraction, and family strengthening.

Final Words

Now I believe you already have the answer to “Is witchcraft real”, right?

Watch the video below and see why people choose to become a witch:

If you have any experience with witchcraft, don’t hesitate to tell us here. Leave a comment as we would also like to answer all questions from you (if any).

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