Isichitho Dreams

isichitho dreams. Isichitho is a traditional South African folk remedy that has been used for centuries to cure all sorts of ailments, from the common cold to Aids. It’s also used as a preventive treatment for other diseases like malaria and TB. The name literally means “to keep away,” which is exactly what it does—keeps away illness, bad luck, and anything else that might be coming your way.

Isichitho is made from the bark of a tree called umlahlobo. The bark is dried in sunlight and then ground into a powder. The powder is mixed with water and drunk several times a day for about three weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Isichitho is a form of witchcraft that is practiced in South Africa. It involves the use of charms and rituals to cause harm to another person. Isichitho can be used to cause sickness, injury, or death in the victim.

Isichitho can be difficult to detect because it often takes place over a long period. The signs and symptoms of isichitho include.

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