Lilith .Is a female figure in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, alternatively the first wife of Adam and

supposedly the primordial she-demon. is cited as having been “banished” from the Garden of Eden for not

complying and obeying Adam. She is mentioned in Biblical Hebrew in the Book of Isaiah, and in Late Antiquity in

Mandaean mythology and Jewish mythology sources from 500 CE onward. appears in historiolas in various

concepts and localities that give partial descriptions of her.

Book of Adam and Eve as Adam’s first wife, and in the Zohar Leviticus 19a as “a hot fiery female who first

cohabited with man”.

Who was Lillith / Lilith? Did Adam have another wife before Eve?

The Bible contains no such account nor

even hints at such a possibility. According to the legend, Lilith was headstrong and independent, and didn’t want to

submit to Adam, so she divorced him. How the Lilith legend came to be is a circuitous tale on its own.

The legend of Lilith originated in the last chapter of the Epic of Gilgamesh—a chapter which was probably not

original to the rest of the text. In the story, the goddess Inanna finds a tree in a river and plants it in her garden. She

bird,” and “the dark maid Lilith.” Inanna cannot get rid of the squatters, so she asks her brother Gilgamesh.

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