Louisiana Voodoo gods

Louisiana Voodoo gods. Today, Voodoo remains in practice to serve others and influence life events in connection

with ancestors and spirits. Rituals are usually held privately, but various places will give you a reading or assist in a ritual.

Various academic sources describe Louisiana Voodoo as a religion, as do some practitioners. More specifically, it has

been characterized as an African creole and an African American religion.

Haitian Vodou

Louisiana Voodoo has also been referred to as New Orleans Voodoo, and—in some older texts—Voodooism

Voodoo traveled to New Orleans by the traditions carried by the West African and Haitian slaves. The practice was influenced through colonialism and the slave trade, and by the presence of French, Spanish, and Creoles in New Orleans, so there were several variations of voodoo.

Through the slave culture voodoo began to increase in familiarity and popularity throughout New Orleans. The shores of Lake Ponchartrain became one of the most famous sights of voodoo culture. Huge ceremonies took place, where hundreds of slaves and freed slaves would show up.

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