Love spell using urine. Wanting to make your lover only belong to you and that means only to you than means only you. Be the only who he loves you wants sexually be the only that he thinks of what to spend the rest of your life with. Is your lover cheating does he have another woman. You want to have him only to your self then use this spell. Have tricks in your relationship every is fair in love and war if you love a person. Make that person only to you.


A child is a very important thing in a relationship mostly in a marriage relationship. Looking for a child in your life done everything but failed to get one no more need to cry use this spell will help you to get the child you have been yearning for . Having a child is one of the things that bring happiness to a person life and relationship. The baby coming to the world brings enjoy happiness love and lots of good thing . Did you know that your urine is very important to you and can help you in the healing and achieving your happiness. Its time to put your soul aside time to get help for your situation the solution is right here.

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Before casting this spell you need to know why you want to achieve as the results you want to get from the use of this spell . With this spell it has two sides one ritual you need to do it by your own. The other is done by the spell caster make sure you follow the instructions provided. By the caster for more information about the spell please do contact me this is a instant spell.

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