Make him come back spellMake him come back spell

Make him come back. The Ritual should be chanted on a Friday eve at the time of the crescent moon. For this hex, you need a pink.

candle, a toothpick, a matchbox, a rose, a bowl of water, and some salt. Take the petals of a red rose put them in a bowl full of water and add some salt.

Even if the ritual may look dark and evil, it’s done for a good purpose. So, if you are in love and want your lover to

reciprocate likewise.

harm in using the love ritual to make him come back to me. Especially, if you know in your heart the one you love is meant to be yours.

Just stay calm and perform the love hex to make him come back to me. You will need the following ingredients to

perform the love spells to make him come back to me: Photos: Two separate photos of you and him, preferably with

happy emotions. Two stuffed dolls – One for him and one for you.

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