Make someone love me. Make sure that the person you decide to be with is compatible with you as you are. Get to know the person better. The first step in getting someone to love you is to get to know the person better and allow the person to get to know you.

Make time to do the things you love. Set aside time every week to practice or enjoy your particular passion. Tip: If someone makes fun of you or mocks you for doing something you love, think again about whether or not you care if they love you. The sort of people you want to have in your life won’t treat you like that.

The easiest way to make people like you is to be friendly and approachable. Make eye contact and smile at someone when you first meet them. Ask people questions about themselves and what they like doing, since almost everyone likes to talk about their hobbies and passions. Similarly, focus on positive things you like doing when you talk.

Be curious about what makes someone tick. Only then do you convey a genuine interest in that person and are they likely to want to be around you? Be a listener – let people tell their stories because people love to talk about themselves.

How can I get someone to Love Me?|How to make people love you for what you love?|How can I make people like me?|How do you make someone want to be around you?|

I’ll be pretty direct now – no, you cannot make someone like or love you. The question needs to be rephrased to: “How can I become someone people can’t help but like and perhaps love?”

Here’s how it works…

You, just like everyone else, were born to be as unique as any star in the night sky – completely lovable. All you’ll need to do is to be determined to become the best version of yourself.

There’s more good news – you were born too with all the resources you need to become just that! And, I don’t want you ever to have to ask again ” How to make someone fall in love with you”.

In this article, you’ll discover:
  • what the ‘best version of yourself’ might look, sound and feel like
  • 19 tips to become even more lovable (with the chance of making him or her fall  with you)
  • 6 ways that prevent someone from falling for you
  • 4 ways to show people you’re interested in them
  • 3 steps to becoming the best version of yourself to increase your chances of ‘making’ people fall  with you
  • Make someone love me

Once (re)discovered, you’re more likely to be ‘the one’ for another star, someone who will want you for who you are. Most importantly, if you ever had a tough time loving yourself – or had low self-esteem, you’re going to feel so much

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