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*Disclaimer: Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is not an exact science. As such results may vary.

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What is the meaning of the voodoo doll?

In communities where voodoo dolls are common, they are used to assist people with healing. They are also used as

a line of communication with the ancestors who are no longer with us. It is for this reason that I would like to debunk

the popular media depiction of voodoo spells as a channel through which evil spirits move.

If you want to learn more about voodoo dolls, I would like to advise you to lay your hands on the voodoo doll

spellbook a compendium of ancient and contemporary spells and rituals.

What are voodoo dolls for? 

Forget about the inexpensive souvenirs and voodoo Barbie doll secret of New Orleans and Louisiana. The

real voodoo dolls are used by people who follow the voodoo religion in places like Haiti.

But what is the history of the voodoo doll spells? Well, I have neither space nor the time to chart the whole history of

the voodoo religion. However, I do have the time to say that the origins of the dolls are in West Africa.

When the West Africans arrived in the rest of the world as slaves, they took their traditions with them. While some

got to their new places and forgot about their home religions, others would incorporate the new religions such as

Roman Catholicism with their traditions created new beliefs. If you want more information about this, grab the

voodoo doll book online.

Types of voodoo dolls 

Fins ant good voodoo doll book pdf, and you will realize that there are many types of voodoo dolls. These

dolls are usually categorized according to their uses. For example, some people look for dolls because they need

love. Others are looking for healing, some say they want fertility, others wish to protect, yet some are looking for


Let’s look at the meaning of the different colors. 

  • White represents such attributes as purification, healing, and other positive attributes.
  • Black, on the other hand, represents dolls that you should use to get rid of the negative energy of summoning it.
  • Red is the color of love, power, and attraction.
  • Green represents wealth, growth, futility, and money.
  • Blue represents peace and love, which is not romantic.
  • Yellow is the incarnation of wealth and success.
  • A purple doll represents the idea of wisdom, the realm of the spirit, and psychic exploration.

You will often see that the needles and pins used with voodoo dolls have these seven colors. You can learn more about these colors by getting yourself a voodoo doll book.

Using voodoo doll 

The voodoo doll is used when you are addressing the spirit of a particular individual. It is useful to summon that spirit

so that it can hear your requests. It is only when that spirit knows what you need that it will make those things

possible. In case you need voodoo revenge that works.

Although I don’t have the time and space to say how the spells work, I can tell you that when you

communicate with the spirit of an individual, you have to connect the person to the doll. This could be through

anything. Some people use a piece of hair. Others use a picture. A part of their dress is also useful. Use

anything you can find.

If you want to get more ideas about the voodoo doll spells, get yourself the voodoo doll book pdf. There are

lots of free books on the internet.

Do you want to learn more about how voodoo dolls actually work? I am waiting to answer all your

questions. If you have any stories to share about using voodoo spells where you stay, we would love to hear about

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