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What happens in the process of Ukuthwasa?!How long does it take to finish Ukuthwasa?!What is Ubungoma?!What is the ancestral calling?!

The Water Spirits are our non-lineage or “foreign” Spirits that possess Abangoma also known as the Thokoza Traditional Healers. This Spirits are related to us through commerce and conquest.


The Ndau people are found in the Southeast region of Africa. The word “Ndau” directly translates to “place” in the Ndau language.

Today I am not going to go in too deep about the origins and history of the Ndau people, one day soon I will do a full blog on the

Ndau tribe, today I will try to explain the Ndau Spirit that possess Abangoma.

Umdawu is an ancestral Spirit that possesses only those who have gone through the process of ukuthwasa, meaning they have first

embraced their line ancestors’ gifts and are practicing ubongoma. With the latter statement in mind, please note one can and

usually go through the initiation of the two spirits, i.e. uMnguni and uMdau at the same time.

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