nguni sangoma beads

Nguni sangoma beads.Ndau sangoma beads.The Ndau are an ethnic group that inhabits the Zambezi Valley, in

central Mozambique to the coast, in central Malawi, and eastern Zimbabwe, south of Chipinge and

Chimanimani. The Ndau people identify with a lion as their totem. The name “Ndau” itself means “lion” in the Ndau

and Shona languages.

Ndau sangoma beads | Ndau calling signs | Isithunywa beads | Ndau bead

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The thokoza sangoma tradition has its origins among the Swazi- and Shangaan-speaking peoples of southern Africa.

These spirits are referred to as Ngoni and Ndau.

Bead Colors And Their Meanings | Ndau sangoma beads | Ndau calling signs 

These bead colors are usually chosen by the sangoma in line with an individual’s characteristics and particular ailments or troubles.

UmNdau | Ndau sangoma beads | Ndau calling signs | Isithunywa beads | Ndau bead

Named after: Ndau
Geographic context: They are from Southeast Africa
Who: Related to your bloodline only by commerce and conquest (they might be European traders who interacted with your ancestors)
Role: umNdau takes care of the worldly aspects of your life, including the sexual
umNdau and your body: The energy of umNdau affects your money, sex drive, and fertility cycles. umNdau is felt in your base chakra.

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