New Moon Love

New Moon Love. New Moon. Symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts, the New Moon is a promising place in the

lunar cycle to start a relationship. A nurturing energy in the atmosphere encourages strong bonds to develop and inspires renewal and rebirth.

The new moon is a great time to encourage beginnings, especially in love. And you know what beginnings require.

letting go of the past. If you want to clear bad energy in your love life to attract an ideal mate, the new moon has your back.

In short, the full moon is the best phase associated with love and romance. So, feel free to give anything love and

romance a go. The next three to seven days after the full moon signals the appearance and prevalence of the Waning Gibbous.

The Moon also represents how we give affection and demand love from others. But because our Moon sign

represents our inner world, it doesn’t necessarily communicate these needs to others. The Moon is the part of

ourselves that craves unconditional love without expressing these desires.

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