Novena for St Expeditus with PrayerNovena for St Expeditus with Prayer
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Novena for St Expeditus with Prayer

A Novena to Saint Expeditus (for Urgent Cases)

The Novena to Saint Expeditus is one of the great tributes that you can offer to make requests to this patron saint for urgent and just causes.

The novena to Saint Expeditus should be carried out with great faith and offering a promise that you will fulfill with fervor and devotion before the favor or the graces that the saint grants you.

Novena for St Expeditus and Prayer

How to do the Novena to Saint Expeditus

must pray this novena for nine consecutive and consecutive days

Lord, have mercy on me.

Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

Lord have mercy on me.

Jesus Christ, hear us.

Jesus Christ, listen to us.

Heavenly Father, who is God, have mercy on me.

God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on me.

Holy Mary, Queen of Martyrs, pray for me.

May my voice reach you, Lord. “

(Then pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.)

Brief History of Saint Expeditus

His name comes from the Latin adjective expeditus which means to be free from all encumbrance and ready to act. In ancient Rome, when the soldiers marched without carrying elements other than their weapons, it was said that

they did it on an expedition or in the expedition. Expeditus was included in martyrologies in Italy before 1781.

The images of Saint Expeditus present him dressed as a Roman soldier with a short tunic and cloak. In one hand he

holds a palm leaf symbolizing martyrdom and in the other a cross with the word Hodie which means “today” in Latin. He steps with his left foot on a crow that shouts “cras” (which means “tomorrow” in Latin).

The story goes that the day Expeditus decided to convert to Christianity, the Spirit of evil appeared taking the form of

a raven shouting in Latin “Cras, cras, cras!” (Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow), to prolong his

indecision and avoid his conversion. To which he responded energetically by stomping the crow with his foot,

yelling, “Hodie, hodie, hodie!” (Today, Today, Today). For this reason, he is recognized as the patron of urgent causes

For Difficult and Impossible Causes

Also for those things that are practically impossible or extremely difficult, you can make a novena and pray to Saint

Rita so that she comes to your aid and helps you with her mercy and compassion.

Prayer to Saint Expeditus:

My Saint Expeditus of Just and Urgent Causes,

Help me in this hour of affliction and despair, intercede for me, together with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Protect me, Help me,

Give me Strength, Courage, and Serenity.

Take care of this my order (Make your order here)

Help me to overcome these difficult hours, and protect me from all those who may harm me.

Protect my family, and attend to my request urgently.

Give me back the peace and serenity.

I will be grateful for the rest of my life and I will carry your name to all who have faith.


(You must pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary)

►If you find yourself going through difficult and distressing moments, family or partner problems, some illness,

intense stress due to financial issues or whatever it is that at this moment does not allow you to live in harmony and

peace, perhaps the time has come to dedicate a novena to Saint Expeditus, say his prayer, and wait calmly and

confidently that the patron saint hears your plea and fulfills your wish.

The aid provided by Saint Expeditus is disseminated and appreciated daily by the millions of believers in him

throughout the Catholic world. This patron saint of urgent and just causes has a moving story that we have

developed before in this blog in different articles.


To thank him, spread the Prayer to Saint Expeditus to all those who need it, and publicly thank him in a visible way

for all the favors you have received.

Saint Expeditus accelerates love affairs so that they are publicly recognized. It is customary, after he responds to

your request, to sing praises and tell others about him. This is one of the forms of offering when manifesting his

requests and prayers. This can be done by:

 Through social media by posting pictures, praise, and #hashtags.

 Yes, yes, don’t laugh! In South America, some people hand

out hundreds of stamps with the image and prayer of Saint Expeditus on the street both at the exit of churches.

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