Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials.“This is certainly a shocking and genuine live testimony! It was hard for me to believe but when I

saw a testimony regarding how Prof Shabir helps people to win the lottery by sending them the winning numbers, I

decided to give it a try. “The winning numbers are 99% guarantee that you must win the lottery. A lottery was

cast for me and I have won the National Lottery! I have come a long way spending money on tickets just to make

sure I win. But I never knew that winning was not so hard until today that I have won! Truly the spells work. Once

again I say thanks to you sir for helping me to win the lottery.”

Peter, London, UK – Sunday, May 20, 2021.

“I am a full-time college student working my way through college at the University of Phoenix. I have had such a hard

time doing this all on my own, for 3 years, and only 1 to go. I was losing my grip and fearing that I just couldn’t make

ends meet anymore so I contacted Prof Shabir and asked that a lottery spell be cast over me to help with my

finances. I didn’t know how this worked, really, and still don’t, except that when the spell was cast and I purchased a

Powerball ticket and 2 weeks later I hit the lotto jackpot! I also started feeling more energetic and not so worn out.

Whatever you did Prof Shabir, it worked!! Thanks!”

Emily, Arizona, USA – Wednesday, November 23, 2020.

“I would like to thank you so very much. I was in a bad financial situation; I needed money so I requested a money

spell and the same night the spell was cast I won R1,500. The next day I won R10,000 in the pick 3 lotto. I must

admit I had my doubts but the lottery spell came through for me when I needed it most. I will surely ask for this spell

time and time again. May God bless you all. Our Testimonials.

Nolizwe, Cape Town, South Africa – Friday, November 4, 2020

“Here’s wishing that the whole world will one day know about the tranquility you offer, Prof Shabir! I’m probably your

biggest fan! You have helped me when I was so far away from my sense of Spirit, I didn’t know where to turn.

NO ONE could have helped me the way you did. It’s your special brand of magic, and for that, I am eternally

grateful. I’ll never have to worry about money… your powerful lottery spell kicked in even stronger than I have

ever imagined. Our Testimonials.

Carter, Ontario, Canada – Saturday, October 29, 2021

“I honestly never thought it would happen, but thanks to Prof Shabir and his amazing money spell, I just won the

lottery! I played every day for a year and never won more than a few dollars, but with Prof Shabir’s lottery

money spell, I finally won an extremely big prize! Thank you sir for being my good luck charm!”.Our Testimonials.

Lucas, Paris, France – Friday, July 1 2020

“It’s unbelievable how fortunate I feel after finding your website. For the past 10 months, I have been so depressed

after losing my fiancé to another woman. My money situation worsened so much that I thought I’d have to file for

bankruptcy. I had a huge amount of debt and I didn’t know what to do. Out of complete and total desperation, I

contacted many of those so-called individuals who promised powerful magic, witchcraft, or black magic. “None of

them worked and none were as wonderful, affectionate, and warm as yours has been. Prof Shabir is

different from the others and I felt immediate hope and strength from hearing about the promises he had to offer. He

carries an air of purity and divine strength that is as pure as fresh snow on the ground. I requested Prof Shabir’s

most powerful issues and I was relieved right away that I had someone to solve my problems for me. His spells

worked wonders and I am now back with my fiancé and my money troubles resolved themselves after winning the lottery.

Prof Shabir, I have no idea what I would have done without you being there to help me out.”

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