powerful ancestorspowerful ancestors

Powerful Ancestors. Ancestors also serve as mediators by providing access to spiritual guidance and power. Death is not a sufficient,

condition for becoming an ancestor. Only those who lived a full measure of life cultivated moral values and

achieved social distinction attain this status. Ancestors are thought.

In addition to prayer, calling in your ancestors in meditation is likely the easiest and fastest way to feel their

presence. Take time to sit in meditation for 10-30 minutes and specifically call in whichever ancestor by name you

feel most connected to and ask them to talk to you!

It is quite simple. A photograph of a beloved family member, spiritual teacher, or companion animal that has

transitioned is a great focal point. They may already be displayed in some fashion—framed on the wall, bookshelf, or mantelpiece.

Diving into the nature of this influence can reveal much to us about our present condition and the type of life we are

leading. This knowledge of our ancestors’ influence can help shed newfound beauty and appreciation for the

customs and traditions that we continue in homage and respect.

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