Rain Storm SpellsRain Storm Spells

Rain Storm Rituals. There are several rainstorm Rituals. For any of these Rituals to work, the sky must already

contain dark clouds that were not created by magic.

When these Rituals are cast without cloud cover, or when the clouds are magically created the rituals implode and

have devastating effects on your body and mind.

 Basic Rain Water.  Rain Water Bath. Add 1 Cup of Rain Water to bath water for an enhanced spiritual bath. Ritual

Energy Boost.  Intention Ritual.  Cleansing Ritual. Consecrate Your Tools.

This is a very simple and very easy to bring rain. Here’s a ritual to bring on a thunderstorm. This old Slavic hex is

intended to pacify a rainstorm. The Ritual, or ritual, is to be performed by women only. A very simple ritual used by

gypsums for a bit of wind to help dry clothes hanging outside.

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The attraction Ritual
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