Reunion Love Spell With PhotosReunion Love Spell With Photos

Reunion Love Ritual With Photos. This Ritual must be cast on a full moon night to see all its effects. The

Photographs must be sprayed with water; then a green candle is placed inside the container and filled halfway with

the remaining water. Care should be taken such that the candle is only submerged. Finally, light the candle.

Roll the two pictures together carefully the pictures facing each other and tie them with a piece of red ribbon if you

have it, or string will do as long as you have not used it in previous love Ritual. Lavender is not a herb of passion but

sends a message of deeper love, you might want to add ginger for more spice if that is your intent.

Today we use red ribbon as scarlet is almost always associated with love. This Ritual, if done correctly, will make your former love long for you and bring them back to you. This is a white, or benevolent, so focus on the good feelings that your relationship brought you.

How do you make a love Ritual with two pictures?|What is the Red Ribbon in a love Ritual?|Can you master Ritual to reunite lovers?|How to reunite with your lost love?|

Love Using Only Pictures is a strong love that also uses a Mirror and Works Fast With A Picture. We also

provide you with Picture Under Pillow Love and Binding Love using Pictures, Honey, Candles, and Hair. Our

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Love is the one thing that makes the world go around. Where there are humans there’s love and companionship.

Being in love is what makes you human. Revel in that knowing. And as long as you refrain from hurting another

being, everything you do in the name of love is fair. Even if it means casting the love Rituals using pictures.

Why shouldn’t you? Is it worth it to wait a lifetime to experience one of the most beautiful experiences of being alive?

Not! If you are in love and your partner is indecisive then it is pointless to hope that the partner will come around sooner or later.

Love Rituals Using Pictures

There’s no “later” in love. You might as well take charge of your love life and ensure that no time is wasted. Besides, the love magic using pictures is one of the simplest and safest voodoo that doesn’t involve harming anyone.

All it takes is you and a photo of your partner. If done right, this spell will compel your partner to take your love

seriously. Your partner will dwell in your thoughts and won’t think of anything beyond you. By using the love Rituals using pictures, you are only ensuring that true emotions are not clouded by worldly concerns.

If you strongly believe that your partner does feel the same for you as you do, then, by all means, use the love

spells using pictures. Whatever might be holding your partner back would be resolved automatically.

For the millennial generation, love is one of the main causes of stress. Troubles in relationships are so common that

there are more frequent breakups than proposals. The pressure of being in a fast-paced Era often takes a toll on

many relationships. Reunion Love Rituals With Photos.

Whether one intends to break up, the overwhelming stress of being in a committed relationship drives many couples

to the point of breakup. But by using the love Rituals using pictures, you can ensure, your relationships are protected

from such turmoil.


Get the following ingredients to cast this :

  • Acquire a picture of the person you desire, in a pleasant mood.
  • Pick a good picture of yourself, in a happy mood.
  • Get a piece of parchment paper.
  • A meter-long thread.
  • Buy a pink candle from any voodoo/witchcraft website.
  • Couple toothpicks
  • Red-ink ball-point pen


  1. Take the candle and, carve yours as well as your partner’s name on it using a toothpick.
  2. Now, light this candle. Let the flame become still.
  3. Now place your palm over the candle flame and recite, the following spell 3 times:

“StepitaliMelutasiRabubo Ro-Ro (partner’s name) StepitaliMelutasiRabubo Balika Ro-Ro (your name) HambutaSalikaTeTe.”

  1. Now visualize how you will make your partner’s life beautiful if you get together.
  2. Now write your and your partner’s name on the parchment paper with a pen.
  3. Now take the photos (of you and your partner) and wrap them with the parchment paper using the red thread.
  4. Pour wax to seal the knot of the thread.
  5. Now, meditate with the visuals of you and your partner living happily together till the candle burns completely.
  6. Place these wrapped photos and paper under your pillow, for 20 days.
  7. On the final day, take out the package, burn it, and discard the ashes. As you burn the package, recite “ToomaaPanikaaBarumaMilee”, 200 times.
  8. Reunion Love  With Photos

Meeting an expert in person can expand the horizon of your knowledge and allow you to understand the nuances of casting a spell. It, therefore, makes you better equipped to do the love-using pictures ritual.

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