Romantic love. or romance charms are associated with. Love and excitement of feelings of you towards your love

partner or boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually when casting the romance magical  ROMANTIC LOVE. I use milk and

honey because when combined they release. A powerful portion of love towards your love partner. Casting the

romance spells means working with the forces and energies of the universe and nature to draw or increase the

chemistry between you and your love partner.

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These Rituals work within 2 days and have to be used over decades to help different people call out their deepest

desires. And what they mostly like most to have in life like love, affection, intimacy, and happiness among families

and friends. It should be noted that this is the most powerful love  way of focusing. An intention to manifest a goal, of

which that goal is love.

How to use the Romance Charms;



◩ Use romantic Love to call your lover into your life.

◩ Put your faith in action, so that always be open to love and don’t close up your heart.

use the right materials as directed by me.

Romantic love as a blind force.

They say love is blind but is Cupid blind, too? In other words, do we fall in love with random people?

If love is a blind force, then romance might be triggered by chance encounters with random individuals—not by recognition of meeting a potential soulmate.

This view has also received research support. For instance, attraction is influenced by proximity. According to Zajonc’s “mere repeated exposure” theory, when we have regular contact with a stimulus, we develop a preference for that object, person, etc.7 This means we are more likely to feel attracted to—and form a romantic relationship with—our coworkers, classmates, or neighbors than with strangers.

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