Sangoma Bones. One can find them all over South Africa. They work behind closed doors, in dark rooms surrounded.

by shelves filled with medicine bottles, ground herbs, animal bones, and goat’s and cow’s hair. They are known as

‘sangomas’ – traditional African healers who use sangoma bones in treating people’s spiritual and physical diseases

by looking into their past and future, and connecting them with their ancestors.

In post-apartheid South Africa, not only are some sangomas white, but they have also evolved into traditional

healers of the 21st century. You can find them in townships, in the forests of the Eastern Cape, and even in the most modern.

apartments of Cape Town or Johannesburg. They own mobile phones and they communicate through Facebook

profiles and websites. Not everyone can become a sangoma, only those who are called by the ‘ancestors’ can start

training. According to, a senior sangoma from the Xhosa lineage, sangomas are traditional shamans. ‘In Europe,

shamanism has become big business with thousands of people taking an interest in earth-based spirituality.

Southern Africa is a treasure trove of shamanic wisdom with some of the oldest living shamanic cultures in the world today,’ he says.

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By throwing a mix of animal bones, shells, coins, dice, and dominoes, sangomas bones can read into the past and the future of their clients.

On arrival at Dabulamanzi’s house, they immediately dress for the session and adorn themselves with red and white

beaded necklaces, bracelets, and colorful skirts. We take off our shoes and enter the room barefoot. For the reading,

Mélodie kneels next to them and Noxolo starts shaking a little bag full of shells, bones, colored stones, dice, and dominoes. ‘I am calling the spirits of the ancestors and asking them to allow me to read into the soul and the life

of this woman,’ the sangoma says. As she throws the bones onto an animal-skin rug on the floor, starts talking about

her life, her family, and job opportunities. She explains the mysterious significance of the dice and bones: ‘Depending

On the face shown by the dice, I know what my client is struggling with, which can be love, money, family, jobs, or bad

luck. The dominoes tell us more about love relationships and the animal bones show us what has happened in the past of the client and what we can suggest she does.

Most of the animal bones they use in rituals belong to cattle that have been sacrificed by their teachers during

initiation ceremonies. Usually, the initiation process consists of three different steps. During the first step, a chicken is sacrificed and its blood is collected for use in a mixture with traditional herbs that must be ingested by the student.

Feathers are then used as a decorative headdress. For the second step, a goat is sacrificed by cutting its throat and.

allowing the blood to empty onto the sangoma. During this process, guests beat drums, sing, dance, and go into a

The calling

Not anyone can become a sangoma. ‘You do not choose to be one, you have to be chosen,’ says Dabulamanzi. ‘The

calling of the ancestors reveals itself through prophetic dreams or illnesses that can be healed only by training as a

sangoma. And if you don’t answer the call, bad luck and pain can destroy your life,’ she continues. Noxolo has just



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