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Sexuality and infertility.Sexuality and infertility. Infertility may interact with a couple’s or individual’s sexuality and

sexual expression in two main ways. Sexual problems may be caused or exacerbated by the diagnosis,

investigation, and management of infertility (or subfertility) or they may be a contributory factor in childlessness. Any.

examination of a couple’s difficulty in conceiving must include overt and clear questioning about their sexual activity.

Regarding sexual relations for infertile couples, some studies demonstrated there were no significant correlations

between infertility and sexual relations but other studies suggested infertility impaired sexual relations.

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In response to being unable to conceive, many people feel emotions such as anger, panic, despair, and grief, and

these may affect sexual activity. The stress of infertility and its treatment may also cause sexual difficulties for both

men and women.

Intercourse may be avoided, with patterns of behavior established so that one or the other partner is not reminded of

the fertility problem. Post-coital tests or repeated need to provide semen samples may result in a man feeling under

pressure to perform, which can adversely affect his erectile or ejaculatory ability. For some men, one or two failures

during intercourse begin a vicious circle of fear of failure, with anxiety leading to further failures. Partners may also

develop arousal difficulties because of anxiety or distress. Some people feel that their partner wants them, only when

there is a chance of conception, and sexual activity, can then become a battleground for issues of power and control.

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