Shut His Mouth Spell

Shut His Mouth. A gossipy neighbor, friend, or family member who likes to talk too much can end up hurting your relationship.

When you cast my shut-his-mouth candle ritual, it will make that gossipy person lose interest in you and stop spreading false news about you. Get rid of that noisy empty tin using this ritual.

There are hardly any people who were able to cast spells to keep someone’s mouth shut successfully on the first try. Since there are

so many things you should follow while casting, mistakes will happen easily. Some people will later blame that ritual to keep someone’s mouth does not work.

Many ‘Shut-up’ -tricks that involve tying the tongue of gossip or potential witness against you in court involve taking a

slit tongue from an animal like a cow or sheep, packing it with hot peppers, vinegar, and/or salt along with the name paper of the target, and pinning it up with many pins and needles.

Can you cast to keep someone’s mouth shut| What are some ‘shut-ups’ | What happens when you cannot shut your mouth?|

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