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Soulmate Hex. Remember: your circle of people you know is small. Your ideal partner might still be a stranger. Ask for what you.

desire in another person, and let the universe bring your soulmate to you. Here are our favorite love spells: 1. Twin

Flame Candle Ritual Do this spell on a Friday when the moon is waxing-going from new to full.

Spell to attract Soul Mate. true love, and soulmate. But that’s all about to change. not intended to be. But don’t be

deceived. Your soulmate search ends here. you have been dreaming of. Attract True Love. Does true love

truly exist? Yes, but it can be ever elusive. has desired, find you. money, status, and so forth.

Following are the steps to create an environment for a person should read or speak the attract his/her

soulmate. Step 1: Find the Sacred space, which must be clean, ordered, and quiet and which is far from where one

does daily activities to spell.

“My beautiful soulmate, I invite you to share my whole life with you together until the end of death. Our honest and

divine love will make us happy and fulfill our dreams. I request my protector to send my message to my soulmate

and help me to attract him”

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Do this on a Friday at the hour of Venus (1 in the morning, 8 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, or 10 at night).

Cast a circle, light incense, and light all other candles you own except for the red, blue, orange, white, pink, and black pillars.

(Aquarius, etc) Cover the candle from the bottom to the wick in violet flower juice, then cut passion fruit or strawberry and

write the word ‘SOULMATE’ on the candle with the juice. Drop or rub some of the passion fruit or strawberry juice on

the pink candle, then light both. As they burn, get one piece of paper and write down love sigils and pentacles and

the horned God and the Triple Goddess symbol and triqueta symbol. Place two of your hairs in the middle of the

paper and place it in the cauldron; light it with the red and pink candle.

As it burns, toss in all herbs, but be careful not to let the flame burn out yet. Drip some wax from the candles onto

the burning paper. Light the blue, orange, white, and black candles with the red candle and place the pink candle

and these candles into the cauldron with the burning herbs and paper. Place them in this order: blue, pink, black,

orange, white.

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Let the candles melt completely, throwing in more herbs if desired to keep the fire going. If the fire starts to spark,

make sure you’re not around any flammable material and it doesn’t’t get on you. Carefully add the essential oil to the

fire, oil makes the fire stay longer and the flame can get bigger. Cast the other two hair strands

Snuff out the candles (do not blow them out, that blows away the spirits that are helping you). Use your fingers

wettened by water or saliva to snuff them or use a snuffer or something of the sort. Place the lid on your cauldron to

make the fire burn out. Once it’s burnt out, pour the remaining wax from the red candle over the burnt paper oil

herbs, and other candles. On the other piece of paper, draw a pentacle in a double ring with the word – – at the top, –

PHUL- at the bottom, – – at the left, and -HAGITH- at the right side. In the star, draw in the middle a Hagith sigil.

Under the left arm of the star, draw the Och sigil, under the right,  Take rose petals, the second piece of paper, and your cauldron outside. Dig a small hole and place some rose petals down first, then place what was burnt in the

cauldron on top, then place the second piece of paper on top of it and bury it.

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To make it way more about your heart and body, replace passion fruit or strawberries with your blood and violet

flowers with your sexual fluids. To attract a certain person, replace the soulmate with that person’s name. E.g: “So-and-

so will come to me. As the paper and candles burn, so will so-and-so’s love for me. The hairs show that I am in this

with my mind. The violet juice shows that I am in this with my body, and the passion fruit or strawberry juice shows

that I am in this with my heart.” Also, if you’re trying to attract a certain person, with the pentacle, draw their zodiac

sign on top of the left arm, and over the right arm, draw their planetary ruler and write their birthday on the back of

the paper and/ or get a picture of them and burn it with the herbs and first piece of paper. If you need to know

anything about the spell (what your planetary ruler is, etc) please message me.

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