Spells and RitualsSpells and Rituals

Spells and Rituals. If you’ve not heard about essential oils lately you must be living under a rock! Without a doubt

plant medicine is truly amazing, but how does that relate to witchcraft? I’m glad you asked! I’ve found essential oils

to be a wonderful addition to my spells and ritual work. They are simple to store, extremely


Fertility Spell Herbs

The Best Herbs for Your Next Fertility Spell

A solid understanding of herbs and how they can enhance rituals and spells is essential for a witch.  You can use

them to create incense, stuff poppets, make tea, or fill a protection bottle or a similar type of vessel. The herbs

covered in this post are ideal for inclusion in a fertility spell. Spells and Rituals.

This New Years Manifestation spell is so simple yet extremely powerful. Choose your resolutions or things that you want to manifest wisely!

Full Moon Manifestation Spell for New Years

This New Year’s Manifestation spell is so simple yet extremely powerful.  Choose your resolutions or things that you

want to manifest wisely! Materials for Your New Year Manifestation Spell A white candle – a taper or votive will be

fine (unused of course) Green Candle – a pillar candle will work best for this spell …

Moon Cycle

Make Your Spells More Powerful By Using the Moon Cycle

Elemental Magic

How To Use Elemental Magic in Your Spells

Elemental magic essential part of spell work.  Each element represents a different type of energy that you can harness for your spell.  When casting a circle you call in all the elements, however, certain types of spells will call for a stronger emphasis on certain elements. There are five elements that we work with when …

Element of Fire in Witchcraft

How to Use the Element of Fire in Witchcraft

Our ancestors used it to cook their food and warm their houses.  Unlike the other elements, the element of fire does not exist in a natural state.  It can only take form when it consumes the energy of another element. The element of fire is passionate and it transforms everything in its path.  Candle magic …

Element of Air in Witchcraft

How to Use the Element of Air in Witchcraft

Much like water, air sustains all living things.  It is a manifestation of intelligence, movement, and communication.  Air is invisible to the naked eye, but you can feel the wind and air we breathe. The element of air represents the mind, inspiration, and imagination.  It is the element of new life and new possibilities.  Spells …

How to Use the Element of Water in Witchcraft

Water is the element that sustains all life. No living thing in this world can survive without it.  Its power is evident in its ability to either grow and sustain (eg. growing a plant) or destroy (eg. tsunami, erosion, etc). Human beings consist primarily of water.  It’s only logical that the element of water speaks to …

How to Use the Element of Earth in Witchcraft

The element of Earth is the foundation of all life.  In many ways, the Earth is the mother of all life.  She is fertile and provides all of Earth’s creatures with nourishment and shelter.  It’s the womb from which all things grow. It is a heavy, passive element that is opposite to air. …

Banishing Spell Blog Image

How To Remove a Toxic Person From Your Life with a Banishing Spell

Why would you need a banishing spell? Mastering the art of banishing gives you the ability to remove unwanted things from your life. This very simple banishing spell can help you to: rid yourself of an unwanted spirit, rid yourself of a person you wish to remove from your life, or remove yourself from …


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