Spells to Hurt Someone

Spells to Hurt Someone.Punishing someone is such a serious business you have to be careful if you are considering it. There are many different ways that you can use to punish some who have hurt you. One of these is the use of spells to punish someone; the topic of this article. However, because I know that sometimes-punishing someone is the only option you have, I will tell you how to go about this.

Vinegar Spells For Enemies

Everybody knows that vinegar is a green substance. This is the reason why it is often used in casting spells to punish enemies

Spells To Destroy An Enemy

Maybe we should hold our breaks for a moment and explain what spells to destroy someone are all about. I am sure the word destroy is telling on its own. When something is damaged, it is killed and will no longer exist in the form that everybody knows it to live in. For instance, think about destroying that house in which you are sitting as you read this. Once the home is damaged, it can no longer perform the work for which it was made initially.

Spell To Destroy Someone!Spells to Hurt Someone

So, if you are going to cast spells to kill someone, you are literally making that person lose everything they have. The ultimate destruction an individual can actually face is death. However, sometimes these spells can destroy a person by making them forget everything they have: their job, their car, their home, and even their family.

Spell To Make An Enemy Move Away

These spells can be used by either you to destroy someone else or by an enemy to destroy you. This is the reason why I always advise anyone who comes looking for spells to kill someone that they should instead think more concerning protecting themselves and find a spell to make an enemy go away.

Spells To Harm An Enemy

If, however, you want to teach an enemy a lesson, now one can judge you for wanting to do that. The truth is that you are the only one who knows what pain you have been through in the hands of the enemy and in the same vein you should be the only one who should make the decision about what you want to do with the enemy.

Spell To Make Someone Sick

Whether you agree or you don’t, the truth is that we all have enemies who want to hurt us. Some of these enemies are known to use, and some of them actually act like our friends. The enemies we know are better, yet those who pretend to be our friends are the most dangerous of the lot. These types of enemies will stop at nothing and may sometimes even use spells to make someone sick.

Spell To Make Someone Sick And Die

Of course, if someone knows how to use spells to make someone sick, they are better than those who look for a spell to make someone sick and die. While you can come back from being sick if people realize early enough that someone has cast a spell to make you such, once you are dead there is really no one that can help you. This is why you will need the protection spells I refer to at the end of this article.

How To Curse Someone To Love You

Other spells related to the punishment spells are curse spells to make someone love you. This spell can be cast on you, or you can cast it on someone else. If someone casts this spell on you, you may find yourself unable to resist their advances. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use these types of spells on anyone because you do not want someone to fall in love with you by force.

Break Up Spell

Most people coming to look for revenge spells often tell me that they want to punish someone who cast a break up spell on their relationship. While I would advise these people about the different types of spells available, I often tell them to be proactive as opposed to being reactive.

Spells to Hurt SomeoneBinding Spells For Enemies!

By saying you need to be proactive, I mean that you must act before your enemy does. How do I do this? You may ask. Cast binding spells for enemies. These spells will render your enemies powerless. Without power, they are not able to do all those things that can hurt you.

Curses That Work Instantly

When your enemies have decided to hurt you in any way, they mean serious business. They often look for curses that work instantly. What does this mean for you? It means that you will not have time to defend yourself once they have cursed you. What then do I do? You ask. Keep reading, I have the answer towards the end of this article.

Simple Revenge Spells

Sometimes you just want pure revenge in order to warm an enemy that you can see what they are trying to do. This is when you can use simple revenge spells. These types of spells will not cause any permanent harm. They just make the person suffer just a bit so that they can learn their lesson.

How To Destroy An Enemy By The Mantra

One of the effective ways of destroying an enemy is the use of a mantra. When you use a mantra, you merely say a group of words with the intention of triggering an inevitable result. A mantra can either be done in your own language of you can use words provided to you by a spell caster. If you would like some examples, take some time to write to use, and we can make suggestions.

Easy Revenge Spells

But you may be saying that I want to revenge, but I am afraid of using spells because I have never used them. Well, the fact that you have never used spells should never be an excuse for you not to do anything. You can always start by using easy revenge spells.

Easy Revenge Spells That Work

If you want to access some easy revenge spells that work, why don’t you send us an email using our contacts page? Over the years, we have produced some of the most effective easy revenge spells that will not cause too much damage when you revenge, but they will still send the message loud and clear to your enemies.

Spell To Make Someone Regret Hurting You

When you come to us, we will give you a spell to make someone regret ever hurting you. You will select whether you want to use white of black magic. The truth is that whatever magic you use, you have to be comfortable with it.

How To Destroy The Enemy With Black Magic

So, if you have selected to destroy your enemy with black magic, you have to learn how to destroy an enemy with black magic really. If you do not do this well, it is possible that the spell may backfire and cause harm to you.

Protection Spells That Work!Spells to Hurt Someone

You remember earlier in the article I said that I want to tell you to want you can do if you do not want to use revenge spells? Indeed you can use protection spells that work so that by the time your enemy wants to attack, you already have protection. You know what will happen, the spell will bounce back to them and the bad things they wanted to happen to you will happen to them Spells To Punish Someone

Lemon Spell To Keep Someone Away

Just like I said earlier with vinegar, lemon is also an effective way of keeping someone you do not want away. The thing I like about lemon spells is that they are easy to cast and if you don’t do them right, there are usually no grave consequences to suffer. However, this does not mean that you should abuse these spells to punish someone who has not done anything wrong to you.

Karma Spells That Work

Remember that whenever you do something terrible to someone else, Karma is always watching. What this means is that one day, you will have to pay for the bad things you have done. The same applies to people who try to hurt you, you can just cast karma spells that work and sort those people out.

How To Destroy Your Enemy By Black Magic

Now that you know how to destroy your enemy with black magic, I want to leave you with a warning is this is the method you want to use. Remember always to be sure that the person you are casting a spell on is the one who has hurt you. You do not want to go about using black magic to destroy people who are innocent.

Spells to Hurt Someone!Spell For Ex-Boyfriend

Now it’s time for us to hear from you. Have you ever used a spell for an ex-boyfriend? Did you use the spell to punish them for cheating on you or did you use it to bring them back? If you have any questions, why don’t you send us an email using the contact form on this website? We will be more than glad to assist.

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