Stop Using the Basics and Use Real MagicStop Using the Basics and Use Real Magic

Stop Using the Basics and Use Real Magic. Are you someone who is doing crafting and you want to skip over the

basics and go right to the big magic? If you feel this way, you are not the only one. People will often try to skip the

basics and they will want to learn things and have more power in their life. When you feel that you aren’t in control,

you might feel that you are not living your best life.

If you feel that you never have enough love or if you are always strapped for your finances, then you might feel that

your life is full of bad luck. When you aren’t in control of things it can make your life miserable.

When you try to do things without foundation, you will see that cutting a corner will only hurt you. As a witch, you

have to learn the skills because they help you to learn so that you can become advanced in your magic in a safe

way. You have to learn to focus and get good at spells that are going to help you. You must know how

to be grounded before you ever try to do spells so what would be the point if you skipped things?

Look at how skipping your basics can cause you to miss out on reaching bigger goals in your magic.

Skipping Basics! Stop Using the Basics and Use Real Magic! What is the basic magic formula?!

The first thing that you can do is to look at what happens when you skip the basics of magic. You can skip them but

when you do, you will have problems. You will see that you cannot be forced to learn things that you don’t want to

learn. This is one of the biggest lessons that you will learn in life.

You are in control of what you choose to learn and when you are practicing as a witch, you can learn different things, but you need to know that you are the one that is responsible for what you do and don’t do. You can end up in a lot

of suffering when you skip out on the foundations. You will never have the power that you need, and you will never

be able to be in charge when you are not making good decisions.

Skipping the basics such as warding, grounding, meditating, cleansing and more will mean that when something

attacks you you will not know what to do.

skills, but they will not get you through the things that you want to do. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know

more but you have to make sure that you have a healthy foundation before you even get started so that you can get

good at what you are doing.

Dangers of Not Knowing the Basics

When you have no foundation hen things can get dangerous for you. You might not think that you have to have a

foundation to do magic, but they are there for a reason. When you have a solid base then you can make magic that

will work and be safe for you. You want to make sure that you are prepared in emergencies and when you

have things happen that you never expected. You might not know how to ground yourself before you do a and

if you feel exhausted afterward, that can be why. Would you know what to do to ground yourself if the

that you did backfire? What if something went wrong on your spell and you ended up cursing someone instead of

helping them? What if you have a problem with your energy and you do not know what to do because you cast a spell

that you cannot bring back? These are things that can happen at any time when you do magic.

Most of the time when you do magic it is safe, but you need to have the foundations because not everyone is lucky

with this. Sometimes things can go wrong when you pass up the foundational skills and you will end up in a situation

that will hurt you. You don’t want to have to do defensive magic because you skilled learning the skills that you

need to do the magic right at the beginning.

What if you never learned how to cleanse your life or your body? You might pick up and attract negative spirits to your life without even knowing why.

Skipping the basics in witchcraft can be dangerous and when you are not able to know what to do then you will

never understand your magic. You will not be able to see the materials or what is expected because you are

experiencing something you don’t know about.

When you expect to become good at magic, you need to know the basic rules so that you can be comfortable when

you do all the magic that comes into your life.

When you are skipping the foundations, you are putting your life in danger. You are entering into a place where you

will be blind to what is going on. If you have no experience in this thing, you will see that you can be safe or you can

be in danger each time you do your magic. When you learn the basic skills, you are giving yourself a book to help

guide you and help you become familiar with things that are good and bad. You will know what can go wrong and what

can cause you to be in danger.

You will be able to know things and prevent bad things from coming to you and causing you harm and you will be

able to use your magic to be happy and to have peace instead of stress.

Want to Skip the Basics Still?

If you still want to skip the basics, then you need to understand why you want to do this. What is your

purpose? Do you even really want to learn how to do witchcraft, or do you just want to have power? This is a

question that you have to ask yourself.

If you know the things that control your life and how you can predict your skills, you will be strong and you will be

able to work through the magic. If you choose to trade in the foundations for more serious work, you will see that you

are choosing the wrong path and you are not going to have the power that you want because you aren’t putting in the effort.

Why do you need to skip the foundations of magic? What is it going to do to you to skip these important

steps? One thing that you need to learn is that the skills that you will learn and the foundations that you learn will

only guide you down the right path in your crafting life.

Do it Right! Stop Using the Basics and Use Real Magic

If you are someone who wants to commit themselves to being the best that they can be then you cannot just put

yourself on a time limit and think that you will be the best. Stop trying to skip ahead and take your time to learn

what you need to know. This means that you need to take things in the order that they come, and you need to

embrace them and do them the best that you can.

Doing this can help you to avoid anything that can hurt you or cause you harm when you are doing your magic. You

can take learning the witchcraft and take your time and learn things and you will be able to understand and

learn how to do things and do them right and good.

The longer it takes you, the less you are making problems for yourself in the future. You can learn to step back and

take as much time as you need for each foundation learn it and get it in your head.

Things that are good take time to do. You need to not skip and end up wishing that you never did magic. Magic can

have problems and if you don’t learn to avoid them then you are just setting yourself up for failure. You will be

wasting your time in doing magic if you are not learning what you need to do.

Some problems can happen that you will not even understand if you don’t know what is going on in front of

you. You have to learn the skills that it takes to be able to handle problems if they come.

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