Strong marriage spellStrong marriage spell

Strong marriage Ritual. If your marriage works right, then it will be a rewarding thing in your life.

However, once the marriage goes wrong, then the result of your relationship can be devastating. Lots of people struggle in a relationship but still decide to start a marriage life – this is one of the reasons why many couples end up with a divorce.

For sure you’ve at least once researched online for tips and guidance for a blissful and long-lasting marriage, but the guidance of professionals is not always easy to follow.

Have you ever thought about casting a marriage?

The power of love magic can protect the marriage of you and your partner and also help you tie the knot with the person you desire.

Top 5 Marriage Rituals for Your Happiness

#1: The marriage moon

Our first choice in this list is a Wiccan marriage spell using white magic – the aim is to draw real, committed love into your life. The best time to cast this spell is during the full moon as it’s when your energy is the most powerful.

Find a room or any quiet space where you can see the moon. Don’t perform the ritual if the sky seems cloudy, and normally the full moon lasts for 3 days.

Ingredients: a silver ring, a white rose, lemon verbena, a white dish, dried yarrow, and damiana

How to cast?

  • Hold the ring with your left hand, stand facing the moon, and look straight at the moon through the center of the ring
  • Chant the following words:

“Please create the bond I always desire

Strong marriage spell
I will never get tired of my true love
With the witness of this full moon,
Please bring me a long-lasting marriage”

  • Hold up the rose on the right in a way that makes it cover the moon completely
  • Repeat the chant
  • Place the ring on the base of your rose
  • Put both the ring and the flower into the dish having mixed herbs
  • Repeat the chant

This spell needs some time to manifest, so please be patient. Good preparation will strengthen the power of your spell, so remember to gather all necessary materials and supplies one day before the ritual.

#2: The marriage chant for harmony!Strong marriage Ritual

The next Ritual in this list is again another white magic spell designed to add harmony to your current marriage. Many issues often happen after you are committed to someone; therefore, casting the marriage harmony spell will keep you focusing on the happiness of your marriage.

A typical couple brings up only negative things about each other when the conflict occurs. That’s why you should make use of this chant here because it helps you remember positive aspects of your partner as well as worth-saving factors of your relationship.

Ingredients: a purple candle, a red candle, and a white candle

How to cast?

  • Please light up all the candles first and foremost
  • Chant the following sentence:

“Dear the Goddess of Love, please hear my prayer good and bring harmony to my relationship with [the name of your partner].”

  • Calm your mind and feel the love you have for your lover running through your heart
  • Put the red candle in front and say loudly:

“My desire is for the greater good, so please grant my wish.”

  • Concentrate on the flame in each candle
  • Blow them out to seal the spell

#3: Happy marriage charm!Strong marriage Ritual!

Are you looking for happiness in your marriage?

Don’t hesitate to avail this marriage charm to remove all negative energies from your current relationship with your partner. It’s simple and easy to perform – once you make your own marriage charm, then you will soon feel your marriage full of good and blissful vibes.

Ingredients: a ribbon with a green color and 9 dried yarrow stalks

How to cast?

All you have to do is to tie the prepared stalks together using the green ribbon. Sound simple, right? Now hang it over your bed to draw joy, happiness, and contentment into your love life or marriage.

The most ideal time to perform this simple ritual is during the new moon.

#4: The marriage healing

There are plenty of marriage spells to bring harmony and heal an intense marriage, but this one is my favorite. If you’re struggling with a married relationship, then don’t ignore the best option here. Also, a Wiccan marriage using paper can clear all misunderstandings between you and your partner.

Cast it today to strengthen your love bond.

Ingredients: a white candle, a pink candle, 2 pieces of string, a pen, a piece of paper, a box of matches, and a small cauldron

What to know?

Before starting the witchcraft ritual, the preparation of this spell is extremely significant. So hear it good – firstly you need to write 2 letters to your Goddess of Love: the first letter indicates all the issues in your marriage as well as your feelings about the situation, and the second letter is about your desire in the relationship.

You should be open and honest. Try to be clear and specific with your situation so that the universe can fulfill your intent faster. Imagine everything you would like to see in your relationship. Maybe happy moments when you two first fell in love could inspire your visualization.

How to cast?

  • Cleanse your space and your body
  • Draw your magic circle in 4 directions
  • Burn the pink candle for love and affection
  • Burn the white candle for peace
  • Put the first letter into the cauldron and set it on fire
  • Pray for the negativity to be burnt away when looking at the flame
  • Say the following chant:

“Please the sacred flame brings all the negative energies away from my partner and me, and please grant us with a new beginning.”

  • Re-read the second letter carefully and visualize all the details
  • Tie 2 pieces of string together and make a secure knot so that your bond in a relationship can be enhanced
  • Fold the paper and tie it with the string
  • Chant the sentences below:

“God and Goddess above, can you hear me good? Please reunite me with the person I love. Please fill our love with harmony and peace, and make our love bond stronger.”

  • Thank your God and Goddess sincerely before closing the circle
  • Bury the package of paper and string in your garden or anywhere else private

#5: Voodoo Marriage Ritual

If you expect something more powerful, try this voodoo marriage spell. If you are responsible enough to deal with all possible consequences, then it’s okay to perform a ritual with black magic. However, in case you’re practicing Wiccan magic, then it’s not good to use dark magical arts.

Of all spells about love marriage, voodoo spells with pictures are probably the most powerful.

For individuals searching for an effective spell to bring happiness to their marriage, Hoodoo Witches got you a present.

Ingredients: a red candle, an apple, honey, a photo of you and your partner, a pen and paper

How to cast?

  • Fill the paper with your lover’s name and date of birth
  • Cover the picture of you two together with honey
  • Put the picture at your right side and in front of the candle and apple
  • Keep your mind calm and start visualizing the scene your lover proposes to you
  • Take a moment to think about how you want your future marriage to be during your mediation process
  • Chant the following sentence:

“Dear Erzulie, the Goddess of voodoo magic,
Please make (your lover’s name) commit his future with me,
May his heart be mine and may my heart be his,
I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with him so please tie us together forever,

Lastly, express your gratitude to Erzulie and patiently wait for the marriage spell to manifest the result. You must have a strong faith in the spell and your ritual for the possible outcome.

The Bottom Line!Strong marriage Ritual

So, in conclusion, there are quite many marriage spells for your reference. If you’re already a professional spell-casting practitioner, then you can make use of some love spells or love potions and change the chanting words a bit for marriage and commitment.

In case you are a beginner and afraid of taking risks, I recommend you ask for help from authentic spellcasters online. With rich experience, they can cast a great spell on your situation and also make sure no negative effects happen.

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