Tarot love Hex. is the use of cards by a powerful psychic to help you solve your love problems. Through the reading of the cards, I can be able to check your love life and see how it fares and how we can use the help of the natural energies so that I help you find that soul mate you have been searching for. In addition thin you need in the partner will be displayed in your palms by my powerful tarot love hex.

Tarot Card Hex for Love To cast a tarot card hex for love, you can start meditating on your Lovers card and recite the following three times: Tarot To Attract Love There are many such tarot card hex for love you can try. To cast the second tarot card hex, you would have three tarot cards viz. Star card, Lovers card, and Kings of Cup.


Furthermore, I can use different cards the tarot love casting so that can find a real soul mate. For instance

  • The Star card is The Lovers card
  • The King of Cups (if you are a man)
  • The Queen of Cups (if you are a woman)

The Tarot Love Hex to Find Your Soulmate, First of all, write a list of all the things you wish for in your perfect lover. Spend some time on this, and try to be general rather than specific. But what if you are yet to meet a brown-eyed person who you think is the most beautiful thing on earth? So instead, to keep your options open while still aiming for your desire, you could write something like “He|she has beautiful eyes that I could stare into for hours”.

Tarot card ritual process

More still, Close your eyes and put the piece of paper with the qualities of your soulmate on top of the tarot cards. Once you are happy with your list, it is time to cast your circle. Now, lay down the three tarot cards in front of you. Look over the list and visualize your soulmate in as much detail as you can. See yourselves together, happy in love.

The love tarot is a specific tarot that is derived from the tarot, which aims to explore all forms of romantic issues. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you must concentrate hard on a specific question that relates to your love life. Following your reading, you will be able to view an interpretation.

Now blow out the flame of the candle and fold the sheet of paper so that the writing is inside and you can no longer see it. Breathe in and out 3 deep breaths and burn the paper. This concludes the free love.

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