The Eight Different Holidays of WitchesThe Eight Different Holidays of Witches

There are eight different holidays that witches. celebrate worldwide in order to practice their beliefs. These eight

holidays are called Sabbats. These are found in the wheel of the year, and this is a type of calendar.

The Wheel of the Year calendar is in eight different divided sections that are equal parts. Each of these sections start

the season and also notes their midway point. The sabbats will fall in one of two different categories.

The sabbats that are not as known are called the sun sabbats. This includes Yule, Ostara, Mabon, and Lithe. These

are the ones that start each season off and are known as the equinoxes or the solstices.

The other sabbats that are more known are the moon sabbats or the earth festivals. They include Samhain,

Lammas, Beltane, and Imbolc. These are the sabbats that mark the midway point of the seasons. These fall on one

specific day unlike the sun sabbats because they change depending on the year.

The Western European pagan traditions that happened before Christianity are the ones that invented the sabbats. These were festivals and other celebrations that were made to honor the earth and the gods and goddesses.

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The Yule happens around December 21 and is part of the winter solstice. This is the time when it is the shortest day

and the longest night that happens each year. This will be a time of darkness but it will also be the beginning of the

light to come back to the earth and so it is a time of happiness.

Many believe that the Yule is a time when the god of the sun is reborn and that he will bring light to the people of

the world.

Even though it is cold during this time, it is a time to reflect on what life has to bring you and to look back at where

you have come from over the past year. Take time to spend with family members and remember those who have

died. This is a time to honor those who have passed on but are still with you in spirit. During the Yule, it is a time to celebrate and have get-togethers.

One thing that is important about the Yule is that you can burn a Yule log during this time as a reminder that no

matter how dark things get, there is always going to be light in the next cycle that the universe gives you.

During the time of Yule, light candles, burn yule logs, and enjoy treats that are made of special ingredients such as

cinnamon and other spicy herbs. Remember that life is about new beginnings witchcraft and a brighter future with both change and common things to celebrate.

Celebrating Yule!The Eight Different Holidays of Witches!

There are different ways that you can celebrate Yule and make it more meaningful in your life.

Take time to look at your inner being and find out what is blocking you from being the best that you can be. Do you

have the personal power that you need to be the best that you can be? Put away things that are holding you back

and live life to work on things that you can improve.The-eight-different-holidays-of-witches.

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