The Miracle Cross of San MayaThe Miracle Cross of San Maya

The Miracle Cross of San Maya. An old-world craftsman has embedded a portion of San Maya’s sacred soil in a magnificent cross. Thus, he has succeeded in harnessing two of the greatest forces mankind has ever known: The power of the cross with the blessed earth of San Maya. The result is one of the most potent symbols in the world today: The Miracle Cross of San Maya!

Over 800 years ago, in a remote church called San Damiano near Assisi, Italy, a young man knelt before an old,

Byzantine style Crucifix. The young man would come to be known as Saint Francis of Assisi and the Crucifix was the San Damiano Cross.

For centuries, the friars have continued the mission of Saint Francis to live by the Gospel. The San

Damiano Crucifix has become a symbol to the Franciscan Brothers as a mission to bring renewal to the church.

Interestingly enough, Saint Francis himself carried a Tau Cross, one he fashioned himself.

What is the history of the San Damiano cross?|What is the significance of the St Francis crucifix?|The Miracle Cross of San Maya|

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