The vigina spellThe vigina spell

The Virginia charn.The Virgina charm is a secret and powerful technique used in all types of religions and witchcraft.

This spell also allows you to bring your lover back to your heart and control his actions and feelings for you. Because

of that, it also banishes the undesired people from your life including the evil people.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

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What is the meaning of the word vagina?|What is the vaginal opening called?|What is the vagina made of?|

 What is the normal smell of Virginia |

Our bodies are incredibly complex, especially when it comes to our vaginal health. Vaginal odour is something we

can feel embarrassed to talk about and sometimes we’re even too scared to head to the doctor to get our questions answered.

But, before you freak out and wonder ‘Why does my vagina smell’, remember this: most vagina smells are completely

normal and just indicate a shift in your pH balance. There are other causes at play like forgetting your tampon,

dehydration or you could have a vaginal infection you aren’t even aware of.

Getting to know your body and vagina can help you identify what is and isn’t ‘normal’ for you. To help you out, we’ve

pulled together an ultimate guide to vagina smells, what’s normal and what isn’t and some common causes of vaginal odours. Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Is it normal for my vagina to smell?

Forget everything you’ve learned from tampon and pad ads that tell us our vagina is supposed to smell like roses and daisies.

The truth? It is completely normal for your vagina to smell. In most cases, vaginal odours are normal. All vaginas

naturally produce scents that tell us about our lifestyle, menstrual cycle, daily activities and overall health.

After all, we live busy lives and whether we’re racing to work, running after children or going to an intense workout

class, it’s perfectly normal for your vagina to have a strong odour after any of these activities.

What’s the deal with vaginal smell?

Vaginal odour depends on the vagina’s pH levels (a.k.a how acidic your vagina is). Various forms of good bacteria live in your vagina that make up your vaginal flora.

This bacteria exists to keep your vagina at the right pH balance because healthy pH levels prevent you from a potential infection that can cause a strong vaginal odour [1]. In most cases, vaginal odour is caused by a pH imbalance which can cause chemical smells, metallic smells, and fishy smells.

All the scents of a healthy vagina

Most vaginal smells are indicative of a change in your pH levels and are completely normal and even a sign of a healthy vagina. These are the most common smells you can experience:

Sour or tangy smell

This type of smell usually means the pH level in your vaginal flora is slightly more acidic than usual. A sour vaginal scent is usually associated with good bacteria in your vagina.

Copper or metallic smell

Your vagina may have a metallic smell when you’re on your menstrual cycle because period blood contains iron.

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