Top 7 Curse Spells That Work Instantly (Easy To Do)

Top 7 Curses That Work Instantly (Easy To Do). You need to be careful before planning to punish

someone. There are indeed lots of different ways to punish or revenge a person who’s hurt you, and one of those is

making use of rituals. I understand that sometimes you have no choice but to utilize the power of magic.

That’s why I’m going to discuss curses that work instantly in today’s article. Free Casting or 

Initially, keep in mind that curses or revenge spells are black magic and have the power to trigger bad fortune, harm,

or anything terrible to those whom you feel threatened or hate.

Learn more about spells for revenge in the following!

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Types of Revenge hex You Should Know

For centuries, revenge hex has been considered a weapon that anyone can take advantage of on both good and bad occasions. Some use curses to hurt others while some just want to protect themselves from evil revenge.

The main ingredients of curse spells are charms and talismans.

Feel curious about types of revenge spells?, Top 7 Curses That Work Instantly (Easy To Do)

The list of below can be availed as protection and simultaneously can help you curse and punish individuals making your life vulnerable. All work with black magic, so they can destroy your enemy effectively.

Once it is cast, no one can appear in your life to disturb you again. Giving guaranteed results, they likely work fast (less than 24 hours).

#1: Hex to destroy someone

What spells to destroy your enemy or someone are all about?

This is a very dangerous ritual as I believe the word ‘destroy’ already tells its true purpose. If you destroy something, then it will be damaged terribly and never exist in the former state. For example, once you cause any damage to your car or your home, it will no longer perform the same function as before.

Therefore, in case you are thinking about casting a hex to destroy someone, tell yourself that this kind of act will make them lose everything and even lead them to death.

These rituals sometimes can erase all memories about their love, family, and social circle.

#2: Mojo to make someone move away

Similar to the first, making someone move away is the spell that can destroy them; or, your enemy can use it to destroy your life.

This is an essential reason why I always advise people looking for curse spells to bring death to their enemy that they should consider their decision wisely and carefully. Casting black magic is unsafe for you and may leave negative effects on your life later; thus, it’s better to go with magic to break up or make an enemy go away.

#3: hex to make someone sick and die

It may be a lie if one says that they hate no one or have no enemies in life. I bet we all have at least one person wanting to treat us badly or (much worse) hurt us. While some shoot bullets towards us directly, others pretend to be our best friends.

Be careful of those acting like your close buddies as they are more dangerous. They have your trust and can stab you from behind at any time without your awareness. They may even take advantage of the power of black magic to make you sick.

You can select either magic to make someone sick to make someone sick and die. There are probably chances your enemy using these magical curses on you, so you must ask professional spell chant casters for protection.

#4: hex to curse someone to love you

We’ve talked about punishment spells to hurt people previously, so now I want to inform you of curses getting your love interest to love you and obsess over you. Cast it either on you or your desired person.

If someone performs a ritual with this spell on you, then you will instantly find yourself unable to ignore their charm and presence. I don’t encourage you to use revenge spells to curse someone to love you because there will be no happiness in a relationship if the free will of either side is manipulated.

#5: Easy revenge hex that works effectively

You want to revenge; however, you’re afraid of casting a hex because you are new to this witchcraft realm and have no experience. The excuse of never using spells can’t stop you from punishing your enemy. For assistance, you can start practicing easy revenge hex.

In case you’re searching for some simple curses or easy revenge, contact us via the page’s chat box. We have many years of experience in studying different kinds of hex thus, this matter is our strength.

Our reply via email will provide you easy revenge hex causing not much damage to yourself but still delivering clear messages to your enemies. Top 7 Curses That Work Instantly (Easy To Do)

#6: Protection spells

If you don’t want to cast revenge spells on your enemies, then you can perform a ritual using protection spells on yourself. By the time anyone attacks you with magic, you already have your protection.

Not only keep you safe, protection spells that work will immediately bounce back to the person who is hurting you as well as bring the same things they want to happen to your life.

#7: Lemon spells to keep someone away

 using lemon are an effective way to keep someone whom you don’t want to see away from you. The thing I

prefer about this hex is its simplicity – easy to cast and safe; in other words, nothing happens negatively even if the

 doesn’t work.Top 7 Curses That Work Instantly (Easy To Do)

You don’t have to suffer from any dangerous consequences.

Despite of this, you’re not allowed to abuse this spell continuously. Avoid doing it again and again to punish the one you hate!

Who Can Cast Revenge Spells?

find a legit spellcaster for a revenge spell

Not that everyone can cast revenge hex, and here are a few things you must keep in mind.

This kind of hex is common among practitioners, it is however pretty dangerous to perform. Why? Revenge hex needs a huge load of your energy to be sent into the universe to strengthen the magic power, but the consequences remain unforeseen most of the time.

If you are looking for help with curses or revenge hex, the best option is to contact a professional caster. Full

of experience in performing witchcraft rituals, they can find the right spell for your situation.

In case you want to cast a revenge hex on your own, then take a look at something simple. Nonetheless, according to

modern witches, a spell only works at its best if the person casting it is strong. Unless you have many years of experience or your spell won’t show much result.

Also, before planning a session with Revenge Hex, you must do careful analysis and take advantage of divination

tools to make sure the mojo turns out as you expect. Without good preparation, everything will surely become a mess as soon as you start the ritual.

Everything has a solution!

If you are too desperate and only revenge hex can help you, then you should have a serious consultation with your chosen spellcaster online. Don’t mess around with black magic or you can’t bear negative effects later.

For your reference, below are two most powerful revenge spells:

1. Revenge curse

You want to destroy everything of your enemy?

This revenge curse spell can grant your wish; nevertheless, the person you cast your spell on can break it if they are a qualified witch or anyone knows how to respond to the practice of witchcraft.

Don’t cast this if you can take responsibility for all the consequences. Remember the law of Threefold Return? The curse can backfire and leave negative side effects on your life threefold. When you do a spell to draw negativity to someone’s life, keep in mind that it will return to where it was originally generated at times.

So, think hard before engaging in this spell.

Ingredients: fire, a picture of your enemy, and their full name

How to cast?

  • Light your fire and add incense (if any)
  • Imagine your enemy is standing in front of you and start bringing out your anger
  • Stare at the picture with an intense rage
  • Try drumming and dancing in the ritual to add much effectiveness
  • Chant the following words loudly:

“Dear Goddess Adrestia, do you hear my cry?
For (your enemy’s name) suffer every day
Rather than wishing that person to die, please make them feel what I feel
Make their heart full of blue
And take away what they love most
Leave them a life of suffering and depression
Can you hear my prayer?
Then mote it be”

  • Burn the photo in the flame as soon as you finish the chant

You should perform this revenge curse during the black moon, on Saturday or at night.

2. Revenge hex with mirror

Another powerful revenge hex is the reflection spell using a mirror.

According to modern witches, mirrors are often used in the practice of witchcraft because they can send back the energy that someone has delivered to you, whether it’s positive or negative. Rather than hexes or curses, you should consider this spell because it’s less dangerous. Even some Wiccan practitioners claim mirrors as a legitimate divination tool.

Ingredients: a mirror, a long piece of ribbon in black color, a black-colored marker, burnt wood ash, and whole bay leaves

How to cast?

  • Write your target’s name on the mirror’s face in capitals
  • Cover the name with bay leaves
  • Use the ribbon to tie both the mirror and the bay leaves
  • Sprinkle a pinch of ash on the leaf surface
  • Tie all with a knot after several wraps
  • Focus on your revenge purpose to draw negative energies
  • Put your hand on the face of the mirror and chant:

“From me to you,
Take responsibility for what you’ve done.”

Keep the mirror wrapped up under your bed for the manifestation of the hex. When you feel the change, simply remove the mirror from the package to clear away the magic. For the ash and leaves, you need to bury them in a private place. Top 7 Curse Rituals That Work Instantly (Easy To Do).

You should carry out the ritual with this spell on a Saturday night for the highest energy.

How to Break a Revenge Hex for Love?

tips of breaking love spells

If you are beginner, don’t try to do long and complicated rituals because they are not always necessary. Here, I come up with several easy and simple ways that can help you remove or break a jinx in love:

1. Taking a ritual bath

Having a ritual bath is the best way to release yourself from the control of malevolent magic. No need to prepare anything much – you can make your bath using rosemary, sea salt, and any herbs that can remove curses.

Firstly, take a regular bath and scrub yourself like you always do; then, fill your bath with water and all the prepared ingredients. Sit in there and relax your mind; also, don’t forget to visualize the scenery of you completely escape from the curse effects.

You should repeat the ritual bath for 13 days to gain success.

2. Availing a lemon

You already know that lemon can be used to make curses. Guess what? It can also help you remove a revenge spell. , you will be able to know when the negative effects are truly gone by observing the lemon.

Let’s take a fresh lemon and slide into halves. Cover each half with as much sea salt as possible. Then move each half from head to toe. When the lemon is relocated over your body, it helps you draw out the evil energy of the curse hex.

After finish taking a bath, you need to put the lemon on your altar or in any safe place. Keep an eye on it several days later to see whether it dries out or gets moldy.

  • Drying out means the curse is removed successfully
  • Getting moldy means you have to perform this method again with another fresh lemon
  • Top 7 Curse Spells That Work Instantly (Easy To Do)

3. Lighting up candles

If you find other tips above too complicated, then I recommend you to use candles – simple yet effective. Candles have the power that either store the energy from your deep intention or release as well as destroy it.

For individuals expecting the spell to be removed, you must first find a safe and quiet room. Hold a candle with both hands and make a sincere prayer for the evil energy of the curse to be absorbed and terminated. The next thing to do is light up the candle and focus on it burning while calming your mind.

Bury the wax somewhere far away from your home!

Please note that the step of selecting a candle is important; also, don’t forget to scrub your candle with jinx-removing oil before starting the ritual.

Can Revenge Spells Be Removed…for Real?

As I said from the beginning, curses that work instantly can be used for both good and bad purpose. Some types of revenge spells may help you defend yourself from others’ evil energy. At the same time, I think it’s also a

good idea if you know some simple methods of breaking a revenge

All the curses mentioned here are inexpensive, efficient, and can be done by anyone (as long as you have basic info

about witchcraft). Select the right hex and only use it when you feel like being under the control of a jinx.

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