Traditional African Healing Rituals. African healing is a process of the mind, body, and spirit combined. To initiate this process, as I am about to explain,

the traditional African healers’ roles in society were respected and revered. African clans traditionally had faith

healers, who managed many aspects of spiritual, political, medical, and legal life for their people.

The importance of ritual in indigenous African tradition cannot be overstated. Ritual serves as a gateway to the land

of ancestors and to the realm of Spirit. It evokes sacredness and intentionality. From birth until death, some ritual

marks every milestone in a person’s life.

Another way to ritualize an activity is to invoke the blessings of our ancestors. Communication with ancestors forms

an important part of the African healing tradition. Tribal people believe their ancestors serve as a “lobby” in the spirit

realm. They can make appeals for good things on their descendants’ behalf.

What is African healing?|What is the importance of ritual in African tradition?|Is traditional African medicine relevant to modern medicine?|

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