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True Psychic Reading. Free Psychic Readings – Get free psychic questions answered about an issue in your life. We

have a section for this in our Online Spiritual Community. Our community is a safe place to ask psychic-based

questions about your life whether it’s a question about relationships, career, health, or finances.

A true psychic will be able to tell you specific information about your past or future without resorting to being too

vague to make things fit. Another great way to determine the validity of a psychic’s claims is to listen to the kinds of questions they ask.

The truth is, that most real psychic readers use more than intuition and psychic abilities to provide you with guidance.

They are experienced professionals who use various divination tools such as tarot cards, ancient rune stones,

crystals, numerology, and astrology to give you specific personal insights.

Psychics are “energy readers” who pick up on the soul level of what is going on with you and anyone you ask about.

More than anything else, a good psychic reader will sense how you are feeling and what’s happening in your energy field.

Where can I get a free psychic reading?|How can you tell if a psychic is a true psychic?|Are psychic readings real or fake?|What is a psychic reading and how does it work?|

Psychic readings can be used for seeing options, strategizing, healing, personality analysis, mediation and

arbitration, past lives analysis, an objective viewpoint, Mediumship, meditation, dream manifestation, expanding

experience, psychic or intuitive development, making choices, planning, brainstorming and idea generation, dream

analysis, career and work counseling, story development, love and relationship diagnosis, counseling, consulting

services, understanding society, situations, people, and self, or as an economical short term option to unlicensed


The Real Truth about Psychic Readings

False: A psychic always read your mind.

True: Psychic readers can get an indication of what’s on your mind if we focus our intent on doing so but if we did

that with every person all the time, we would become tired and need mental health assistance! Aside from this, a

professional reader will ask for one’s permission instead of invading his/her privacy. Thus, some things such as face

reading and intuition become automatic, but psychics usually tune into it for a short period and only when


False: A psychic reader knows everything about the person.

True: Psychic is not the same as omniscient! According to Wikipedia: “Omniscience, mainly in religion, is the

capacity to know everything that there is to know. In particular, Hinduism and the Abrahamic religions (Judaism,

Christianity, and Islam) believe that there is a divine being who is omniscient.” No psychic is all-knowing. A psychic

reader often focuses on a certain area of concern that’s often chosen by the individual who wants to get a psychic

reading. In some cases, when an individual (also called a seeker or sitter) only wishes to be read, the physic sees

general information that they interpret into common or certain insights for the person. The quality of the insight

depends on the question as well as the openness of the person to the reader.

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