What are Ndau ancestors?

What are Ndau’s ancestors? The ancient Ndau people are historically related to the Karanga tribe and were already

in Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe by the 1500s. Because of the large-scale conquests of the Ngunis in the

1820s a lot of the Ndau ancestry evolved to include the Nguni bloodline and ancestry.

Ndau or Ndaus. 1. A member of a Bantu people inhabiting south-central Mozambique and east-central Zimbabwe.

The Bantu language of the Ndau is closely related to Shona.

Ndau (also called chiNdau, Chindau, Ndzawu, Njao, Sofala, Southeast Shona, and Chidanda) is a Bantu language

spoken by 1,400,000 people in central Mozambique and southeastern Zimbabwe. The major varieties in

Mozambique are called Shanga and Danda; in Zimbabwe is simply called Ndau or Ndaundau.

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