What is a Mamlambo?

What is a Mamlambo?.Mamlambo is a kind of snake that brings fortune to anyone who accommodates it. One’s

money or livestock multiplies incredibly. This snake is available from traditional doctors who provide instructions

regarding its exploitation.

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How does Mamlambo look like?!How does Inkanyamba look like?IIs Inkanyamba real?!Which South African celebrity has a snake?!

Mamlambo is a deity in South African and Zulu mythology, the “goddess of rivers”,[1] described as a large snake-like creature.[2]

In 1997, South African newspapers (including Johannesburg‘s The Star and Cape Town‘s Cape Argus) reported on sightings of a

“giant reptile” monster in the Mzintlava River near Mount Ayliff in South Africa. Villagers in the area claimed that the creature was 20

meters (67 feet) long, had the head of a horse, the lower body of a fish, short legs, and the neck of a snake, and that it shined with a

green light at night.


and brains.  As Felicity Wood points out in The

She has arisen in part from a sense of disconnection to a traditional, communal way of

life, inequalities and imbalances in the social order, and the lure of Western materialism. Like the Mami Wata, she is a dangerous.

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