What is a tokoloshe afraid of?

What is a tokoloshe afraid of? Then, you must stay far away from the hearth – the Tokoloshe is afraid of fire, and the smell of smoke on your clothes will chase him away immediately. You will see him in the lonely places, near water.

According to legend, the only way to keep the Tokoloshe away at night is to put a few bricks beneath each leg of one’s bed.

Some people claim night terrors are the first sign that the Tokoloshe is after you. Others say it’s the dreams you have. The interesting fact is that dreams are often good. They’re so good, it feels like your luck is changing.

The tokoloshe (or tikoloshe or tikoloshi) in African mythology is a humanoid creature about 1 m tall, with a large head, big eyes, and a slender torso. It is (allegedly) mostly nocturnal and friendly to children but can be harmful to adults if under the influence of evil witches.

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