What is a Waning Moon (A Glimpse at Its Energy & Ritual)What is a Waning Moon (A Glimpse at Its Energy & Ritual)

What is a Waning Moon (A Glimpse at Its Energy & Ritual)? You seem to unfamiliar with the waning moon, right? When it comes to casting, people usually focus on the full moon and new moon because they are considered good times to them. However, moon phases are more than just those two.

Some spells are working with the waning moon, so let’s not waste time but learn more about this cycle. Free  Casting or 

What is a waning moon?

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Things to Know about Waning Moon

When is the moon waning?

According to experts, the moon is called a waning moon when it recedes and approaches a new phase again. Its visible surface area is just a small part like what you see in the picture. The waning moon happens twice in a cycle of the moon: between a full moon and a new moon.

When the moon is no longer full but also hasn’t entered the third quarter stage, we call it a waning gibbous moon. That’s when the moon is decreasing in brightness from a full moon to a new moon, and obviously, it’s the reflection of a waxing gibbous moon.

How about a waning crescent moon?

Occurring before a new moon, this stage is when the moon gets smaller as a sliver once the night comes. Similarly, only a tiny part is displayed on the surface, it’s the mirror of a waxing crescent.

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What is the meaning of a waning moon?

If the waxing moon is the ideal time to take your actions to the next level, the waning moon is when you need to downsize all the thoughts and plans in your mind. When this period comes, psychics suggest individuals consider or evaluate all of their old habits, plans, as well as relationships.

You need to leave things in the past behind and focus on the future ahead for better changes in life. Or, in case you’re struggling with tough things already, take advantage of this time to recharge your energy and prepare yourself for all good opportunities coming up.

The waning moon is the best time to remove toxicity off of your life.

Let’s begin with tapping into your intuition. Take a moment to be gentle with your energy and balance your daily routines. Rather than participating in intense activities, you should engage in leisure things, like jogging, yoga, etc. Stay healthy to keep your energy conserved.

How to Perform a Waning Moon Ritual?

In spell casting, the waning moon is traditionally a good time to take care of your emotions, acknowledge everything you’ve done, and refresh your space. Life is not all about moving forward; in fact, it’s necessary to slow down at certain times.

Below, have a look at this waning moon ritual for letting go and gaining inspiration:

1. Keep your house clean

When the waning moon comes, it means you have to make space for something new coming into your life. Why don’t you start by trying to clear all the dirt and cobwebs around the place you are living? By doing that, you will send away the negativity, and positive energy can flow back again.

Once entering the decluttered space, you will feel lighter, fresher, and full of clarity in the mind. If you haven’t cleaned your house in a while, grab this cycle to do it and the result will surely be worthy.

As soon as you finish the cleaning, quickly open some windows, burn sage or palo santo, and then go through the house while holding it. Let the smoke from herbs spiritually clear all the corners and remove negative energy from creeping into there.

2. Prepare a sacred place

For this ritual, you will sit in the usual place where you often mediate. Light sage incense and keep your mind calm before carrying on the session.

You can also make use of essential oils (if any) to ground yourself. I recommend you to use anointing oil which is perfect for the waning moon period. Rub the oil on your neck’s pulse points, your heart, and your neck.

If you have white candles, then also light them up to enhance the power. The letting go ritual will work incredibly with the support of crystals as well. Choose the type of magic stones that can add clarity, eliminate stress and anxiety, make positive changes, and restore tranquility.

3. Let things go

The next step is to think about your intention.

Keep in mind that life is not always what you want it to be. Well, when you have something in mind, it means you’ve already thought about what you should do to bring it into reality. Nevertheless, the universe also has its way of making things happen positively.

Therefore, instead of worrying about the progress, you better concentrate on your deepest intention and have faith in the power of the waning moon. Visualize what you truly want specifically and open up your mind and body to welcome a new source of energy into your life.

Trust the universe and let go.

4. Self-reflect and make space

For those who don’t know, the moon gets darker as days pass, which means you have to spend more time on self-reflection. The waning moon is the period that you should rest and think about events in the past.

Is there anything you’d like to want to make changes?

Take things slow in this stage. Make space for your emotions and inner feelings when the waning moon comes. Tell yourself to put your mind to rest before the new moon arrives. To prepare yourself better and get ready for new things in life, it’s a must to clear your mind and space.

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