what is Black Magicwhat is Black Magic

What is Black Magic?. You may have wondered, what is black magic? There are many debates about what exactly is

and how it differs from white magic, or any other type of magic you may have heard before. In the simplest terms, all magic is part of the same energy and it really

has no color, but in the mass media, such as movies, television, and radio, it has become very popular to distinguish between white, black, and red

magic, and so on. Popularly, black magic is portrayed as evil and white magic as good. Red is often seen as the color of love, and green as money or wealth.

Who is the creator of black magic?|What is the Black Magic game?|What do we call black magic in English?|

Witches and sorcerers consider that Black Magic are all those rituals or magic works that fight against, or try to manipulate the free will of people.

Because these Rituals try to influence the natural flow of life, they can become dangerous and counterproductive. Free will is considered by some

to be the most powerful force in nature and care must be taken when seeking to manipulate through the dark arts.

The division between what can be considered black magic is still ambiguous. Love rituals are rarely seen as it is, but if the hex causes someone to leave their spouse and travel across the country to be with you, you are no doubt messing with their free will. However, a simple love to get a first date does not interfere with free will.

No matter how you decide to define black magic, the following recipes are generally considered as the hex, and are easy to follow, using homemade ingredients:

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