What is Imphepho used for?. is traditionally used as a wound dressing. The plant has proven anti-microbial properties and appears to work effectively as pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory, probably due to various volatile oils and flavonoids.

Imphepho may help ease stress and promote relaxation when enjoyed as a tea. Infused (in milk or water) she may help ease coughs and colds, catarrh, headache/backache, fever, urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, stress, tension, cramps, insomnia, and nervous conditions.

Imphepho likes sun and shaded areas with light, well-drained, and well-composted soil. She is hardy, adaptable tolerates low water, and can be propagated by seed or cutting. Don’t water in winter as there is a risk of fungal infection at this time. Plants may need to be replaced every 2-3 years to keep looking good.

There are two different types of impepho, and each comes from a different region. The impepho with yellow flowers is harvested in KwaZulu Natal and is used by the Zulu people. The other impepho is harvested in the Eastern Cape and is used by the Xhosa people.

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