What’s Mutuba seed?

What’s Mutuba seed?.The Mutuba seed and oil is a treatment utilized generally in Africa to help in the amplification of the penis size in men, the cure starts from the foot slopes of mountain Kilimanjaro that has been utilized for a long time by the Masai public leaving there to broaden the size of their penis to work on sexual execution.

Mutuba Seed

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What’s Mutuba seed?
It’s a natural and effective way of treatment commonly used in Africa to grow the size of your Penis (length, thickness, stop early ejaculation, strength and make more rounds)

What do you do with the seed?

You plant the seed and water it with half a mixture of your morning urine and half water for the first time when you plant the seed, use only water for the next days when necessary.

Where do you plant it?
You can put it outside in the garden or the pot in the house the seed grows in most conditions and climates.

What do I do with the oil?
You apply the Motuba seed oil along the whole length of your penis once every day before you sleep As the seed grows so does your penis

How long does it take the plant to grow?
The plant grows in 4 to 21 Days so does your penis When you get the size you want you destroy the plant and your penis will remain enlarged permanently

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