Why we should apply vibhuti?.Vibhuti which holds spiritual significance is made out of

remains of homam, burnt dried woods, or dried cow dung. It is believed that vibhuti is

applied to honour Lord Shiva, as well as to remind us that at the end of our lives we will

end up as nothing but a handful of ash.

In Hinduismvibhuti (Sanskrit: , romanizedvibhūti), also called bhasma or thiruneeru,

is sacred ash made of burnt dried wood, burnt cow dung and/or cremated bodies used

in Agamic rituals. Hindu devotees apply vibhuti traditionally as three horizontal lines

across the forehead and other parts of the body to honor Shiva. Vibhuti smeared across

the forehead to the end of both eyebrows is called tripundra.

Who is known as Vibhuti?|What is Vibhuti made from?|How do you keep Vibhuti?|

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