Wicca vs paganism vs WitchcraftWicca vs paganism vs Witchcraft

Wicca vs paganism vs Witchcraft . What do the words Pagan and Wiccan mean? And what is the difference between

them?.interested in magic. In this article I will explain the definitions of these terms, and explore the similarities and


be used to describe many a diverse group of different religions. Traditionally Christians have seen anyone who is

no Christian as a Pagan. Modern Paganism is also known as Contemporary Paganism and Neo-Paganism.

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It can describe modern Pagan religions which are derived from traditional Pagan beliefs. Paganism encompasses a

diverse community. Most Pagans believe that the Earth is a sacred space, and contemporary Pagan religions are

based on a reverence for nature. Druids, Shamans, Odinists, Heathens, and Wiccans amongst others make up the

Pagan community. Wicca is a religion which falls under the umbrella term of Paganism. It is a belief system and way of life which ispeaceful, balanced and harmonious. Some Wiccans are solo practitioners, others belong to a Coven.

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These are just some of the practices of Wiccans, and practice can vary greatly between different individuals as well

as between different Covens.

witchcraft. Similarities and Differences I have already covered many similarities and differences above.

religions, whilst Wiccan is just one. A similarity between Wiccans and Pagans is the misconception about what they

are not. They are not terms to describe sexual deviants, devil worship or the practice of harming people or animals.

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