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Wing Hex. The wings will only be visible to the people who know about them (you and anyone you tell that believes in magic). They can take a while to grow, depending on the circumstances, and you should be careful when you fly.

This hex provides you two forms to shapeshift to at will, plus retractable wings on all of your forms, and some other things. You must read the whole before continuing.

You will need the following items for this hex:

Black candle Feather Belief Mental image of all of your forms (except your base form), and the wings of all your forms (like wings of the base form) Full moon

Casting Directions for ‘Wing Shifter Hex’

Light a black candle and hold a feather up to its light. Imagine all your forms, turning into them, unfurling your wings, then retracting them. Imagine your wings on your base/human form, unfurling and retracting them, their shape, color, and size. Now imagine manifesting the tail and ears of your creature forms on your human form, both with and without wings. Once you have visualized all of this, say three times without messing up (memorize it or write it down)

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Casting Instructions for ‘Wing Hex

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Feather
  • Fairy Dust
  • Magic circle or pentagram
  • Picture of drawing of what you want them to look like
  • Privacy
  • Wing Spell

1. Sprinkle the fairy dust over the feather.

2. Sit in the magic circle in the lotus position.

3. Chant this: “Theo ton poulin kai tou ourano, kal ti dnam sas na mou epitrpsete na peton anmesa sta pou, petnas msa ap to domain sas gia ta fter tis diks mou, na rthei stin ainio chor sas msa ap ton ouran.”

4: Fold the paper in half twice so that the drawing/picture is no longer exposed.

5: Every night for 1 week, say: “Dse mou ta after mou.” before you go to sleep, leave the drawing|picture under your pillow.

Edit: This isn’t real. Physical transformations aren’t real. We’re only saying this to help prevent the spread of the

misinformation and stupidity that we contributed to when we were younger. Please don’t waste your time trying to

directly contradict the laws of reality, it will give you nothing but a headache. Don’t believe the wild “turn yourself into

a dragon” Hex you’re gonna find on this site, it’s almost all fake stuff made up by kids/preteens who saw a cool

thing on a TV show or YouTube and decided that they could change their entire body structure by throwing

some glitter at a piece of paper and whispering poorly translated Latin. Don’t make our mistakes.

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