Easy Candle Healing

Easy Candle Healing. Candle magic spells for beginners are easy when you start with a few simple spells. You can practice casting candle spells to gain confidence in your magic practice once you begin to see results.

General Instructions for Candle Magic  for Beginners

Select the appropriate candle color for your spell. Follow the candle anointing instructions for each spell. Before you begin casting your spell, place yourself in a protection circle and make sure you close the circle once your spell has been cast and finished.

5 Easy Candle Magic

With each, allow the candle to burn itself out. Never leave a candle unattended. You can use either a tea light

candle or a votive since these have shorter burn times. The shorter burn time won’t negatively impact your work.

Your power is the fuel for your spell. You will infuse your energy into the candle during the anointing and

any meditation you practice before casting your charm.

Candles burning

1. Spiritual Healing Candle  With Prayer

Use a white candle for this charm. Take a few moments to focus on the healing. Visualize your life once your spiritual healing has taken place. You may spontaneously create your speaking from your heart or use the one below.

“I light this candle for spiritual healing,

send my request with the flame as it reaches upward into the spirit world,

request divine guidance and assistance.

So, I ask and so I receive.”

2. Candle Spell to Establish Harmony and Peace

Use a blue candle for this charm. You may decide to wear blue clothing to reinforce your charm with color magic.

“Peace, harmony, and calm come to me,

Fill me with your blessings,

Replace all combative and unsettling energies

With the kindness and joy you bring,

Make it so mote it shall be.”

Blue candle

3. Candle Money Ritual

Everyone can use a money Ritual to bring in extra cash. Use either a green or gold candle for this charm. Choose the

color you are most drawn to and then repeat the chant three times.

“Money, money, come to me,

I deserve prosperity.”

4. Candle Love

If you desire someone who hasn’t noticed you, then a love spell may help you get noticed. Never cast a spell to

break up a couple because you covet their mate. This type of charm will always backfire on you three-fold. Use either

a red or pink candle. Red is the color of passionate love, and pink is the color of romantic love.

So, I request, so I desire, so let it be.”

5. Ambition Candle Magic

If you seek a job promotion or have an ambition you wish to materialize, you can cast candle magic using a

purple candle. Take a few minutes before casting your spell to visualize yourself in your new job or your reaction

when you achieve your ambition.

“Bring to me this promotion as (state position you desire),

Let only good and positive things come to me

As I claim this job on my own,

So, I desire, so mote it be.”

Easy Candle Magic for Beginners

A few easy candle magic spells for beginners can get you started casting candles. You’ll soon discover how effective the art of candlework is.

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