This is How Candles Work in Magic
This is How Candles Work in Magic. When you first begin practicing magic, you’ll notice a few things that are most commonly used in spells. This can include certain herbs or actions, but one of the most common and important tools in magic is using the right candle.

Using candles in love spells is pretty simple. You just have to decide which color and candle dressings to use that

would work best for whatever you’re trying to manifest.

There are multiple ways you can dress a candle to use it in a love spell. The following article describes the general

uses of candles and a more in-depth explanation as to how to use them in love spells. There is also an explanation of

where to find help if you find yourself still struggling with your magic.

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Using Candles in Spells 

Before you start spell casting, there are certain things you should do to prepare for any spell you cast. The first thing

you should do is make sure you have a clean and cleansed space you can come back to routinely. This will help with

focusing your desires and intentions onto the candle and make the spell work better.

Next, don’t blow out your candle with your breath. This symbolizes you are blowing away your desires and intentions

for the spell, and they won’t come back to you. Let it burn out on its own, or snuff it with your fingers or a candle snuffer if you can’t let it keep burning.

Finally, make sure you have the right candle. As mentioned before with the elements and candle dressings, each

thing you add to your candle can change its meaning. But the same goes for the type of candle you change in the first place.

Choosing the Right Candle

The first thing you should look for when shopping for a candle is the color of it. The color of the candle symbolizes several different things, and certain colors work better for certain spells. The color meanings behind candles include:

After you pick the right color, you can also carve more symbols into the wax of the candle, such as runes or sigils. This gives the candles more meaning and energy, making them more diverse in spell casting.

Doing a little research before going candle shopping will help guide you to which candle is the best one. Wiccan shops usually sell a plethora of different candle types for pretty low prices, some with runes and sigils already carved in. If you’ve already found your candle, then let’s start casting the actual spells. This is How Candles Work in Magic

How Candles Are Used in Spells

The general purpose that candles serve in spell casting is to give you and your energy something to focus on. You can have all of the tools you want, but if you don’t have a clear intent on what you want the spell to do, it won’t work. The candle provides something physical for that energy and intent to focus on and manifest through.

Candle magic is heavily based on symbology, so much so that everything about it can have a certain meaning. For example, natural things about candles represent natural elements of the world.

In addition to those symbols, adding what’s referred to as “candle dressings” to the candle can help with casting any spell you want. You can add dressings such as:

  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Oils
  • Crystals
  • Colors

There is a combination of candles and candle dressings for almost any type of manifestation you want.

Using Candles in Love Spells

The most common candles used in love spells are ones with a pink or red color with floral candle dressings. The pink and red colors both symbolize love, but different kinds of love. The pink color is more directed towards self-love and platonic love. You should use this candle when you want to start manifesting love towards yourself or to send someone else those types of good vibes.

The red-colored candles are more geared towards romantic and passionate love. These candles should be used when you cast a spell on someone else for them to fall in love with another person, whether it be you or someone else.

Aside from the color, love spell-casting candles can also have candle dressings embedded in the wax itself, or you can place the items you prefer next to the candle. If you want the spell to be more powerful, embedding the candle dressings into the candle will help. A few common dressings for love spells include:

You do not need all of the candle dressings mentioned above, but the more you have, the more powerful the spell will be. It’s recommended that you try multiple different recipes of the candle dressings before settling on one you like. See what kind of energies different recipes bring in, and go with the one that brings you the most positive results.

One other thing you can use to strengthen the spell is carving runes or sigils into the candles. You should do a little research into runes and sigils before carving them into the candle, especially if you’re just getting started with magic. But runes and sigils that mean a lot to you or the person you’re trying to cast a spell on will make the spell more powerful.

Where to Get Help with Using Candles in Magic

If you find yourself still confused about casting love spells or spells in general, then it is recommended you contact

Mama Anne. Profabraham is a very distinguished and effective spell caster. Born and raised in quite literally a

magical environment, she grew up with her grandmother, who was a spell caster and traditional healer. Magic and spell casting runs through her veins.

Mama Anne can help you with any magic or spell casting issues you have, but she specializes in love spells, specifically romantic love spells. A few things she can help you with include:

Mama Anne is one of the best spell casters in the business of magic, all you have to do is be sure of what your intentions and desires are.

Final Thoughts

Casting spells with candles is one of the simplest ways to get introduced into the world of magic. The diversity and versatility of candles makes them one of the easiest magic tools to use. If you follow the advice above and practice as much as possible, you’ll be able to cast a spell in no time.

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